Coperta “A Celebration on Coronation Street”

A Celebration on Coronation Street

Durata: 8h 14m

Heartwarming and nostalgic storytelling set on the nation’s favourite street Heartwarming and nostalgic storytelling set on the nation’s favourite street It’s 1953 and the nation’s favourite street is preparing to celebrate Elizabeth II’s coronation. Josie Grimshaw has moved to Coronation Street to live with her mother’s old friend, Elsie Lappin. The street is excited for the upcoming coronation of the new queen, Elizabeth, but Elsie is finding it hard to celebrate anything after the loss of her husband. Over at the Rovers Return, Annie Walker is distracted by her tearaway son, Billie, who has found himself expelled from school. When Josie starts to help Elsie out at the family grocer’s store, it risks bringing a secret out into the open that she is desperate to keep. As the street swoons over the beautiful young queen and her handsome Prince, tensions simmer beneath the surface. Can the street put their troubles behind them and make Coronation Day a celebration to remember? Praise for Maggie Sullivan: ‘A wonderfully nostalgic tale’ Choice Magazine ‘A perfect festive read’ Woman Magazine Maggie Sullivan writes Northern family dramas, including the bestselling Coronation Street series, that have taken her into the bestseller lists and have garnered her legions of fans and readers around the globe. Maggie was born and brought up in Manchester where the award-winning soap was compulsory family viewing compulsory family viewing. Maggie has a love of travelling, is a freelance lecturer, and an active member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association. Maggie now lives in London. An evergreen partnership with ITV creating innovative new stories from Coronation Street’s rich heritage that will draw in the existing fanbase and recruit a new readers. Combining the expertise and assets of HarperCollins and ITV to deliver a compelling reader experience. Elsie Tanner, Annie Walker and Rita Fairclough were the iconic matriarchs at the heart of the early decades of Coronation Street. We are creating a brand-new series of novels that revisits and reimagines their early lives, breathing fresh energy into these much-loved and fondly remembered characters. Supermarkets, High Street and Digital retailers want strong concepts that are instantly recognisable to their consumers — and they don’t get much stronger than Coronation Street. The perfect gift purchase for all fans of Coronation Street, readers who love fiction set in wartime, those who feel nostalgic for the past and readers looking for a good gifting purchase. Competition: The Stolen Child;Nettie’s Secret;No Silver Spoon; Victory for the Shipyard Girls; District Nurses; Bobby Girls; Call the Midwife; One Snowy Night; Winter Hope. Rosie Goodwin;Katie Flynn;Dilly Court;Nancy Revell;Kitty Neale;Nadine Dorries;Elaine Everest;Jennie Felton;Rita Bradshaw;Sheila Newberry
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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