Coperta “A Quality Street Christmas”

A Quality Street Christmas

Narator: Sherry Baines

Durata: 8h 21m

Everything is changing at the Quality Street factory, can the plucky girls in the line make this a Christmas to remember? Everything is changing at the Quality Street factory, can the plucky girls in the line make this a Christmas to remember? The Quality Street girls are gearing up for Christmas, but with the factory now making gas masks, as well as the nation’s favourite chocolate sweets, it’s anything but normal. They’re having to make other adjustments too. Reenie is in the doldrums after being demoted at work, while Mary has got her hands full getting used to married life and a ready-made family. New girl, Ada, isn’t sure she fits into factory life at all. Then, just as the Christmas party season gets into full swing, Toffee town gets a shock, and soon it isn’t just Christmas cheer that’s in short supply. Can the Quality Street girls save Christmas once again? Praise for Penny Thorpe: ‘This novel will give you a craving for toffee pennies’ Sunday Express ‘A lovely nostalgic read’ My Weekly a festive and heart-warming Christmas wartime drama Penny Thorpe lives in Yorkshire where she was the company archivist and historian for her local chocolate factory for more than a decade. She’s worked in libraries, bookshops, offices, a Swiss school, a racecourse, a barber’s shop, a church, and a police station (to name but a few). a festive and heart-warming Christmas wartime drama • Quality Street is a household name and the UK’s premier seasonal chocolate brand. The Quality Street series are set in the Quality Street factory in Halifax in the run up to WWII and fully endorsed by the Quality Street company. We will use the iconic Quality Street branding in our packaging and marketing material • The author was previously the Quality Street archivist, Alex Hutchinson, who now writes under the name Penny Thorpe and is uniquely placed to write about the history of the factory and its workers. • Alex is already a well-known figure in media circles and various TV and radio programmes have drawn on her specialist knowledge. The author is a huge asset and a great ambassador for the brand. • Multi-platform campaign and opportunities for cross promotion and strong associations with reading and chocolate, including digital advertising, paid social media, competitions and on-pack offers Competition: Shipyard Girls;A Sister’s Courage;We’ll Meet again on Coronation Street;The Emmerdale Girls;Emmerdale at war;The Teashop Girls;Wedding Bells for the Victory Girls;Sunday’s Child;rose queen. Katie Flynn; Dilly Court; Elaine Everest; Rosie Goodwin; Pamela Bell; Maggie Sullivan;Rosie Clarke’Nancy Revell
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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