Coperta “Against My Will”

Against My Will

Durata: 7h 54m

‘Asperger’s made me a prisoner in my own home. When I finally entered the real world, evil was waiting.’A shocking true account of one girl’s harrowing journey to survival.‘Asperger’s made me a prisoner in my own home. When I finally entered the real world, evil was waiting.’A shocking true account of one girl’s harrowing journey to survival.Sophie Crockett spent most of her childhood suffering from crippling anxiety. Diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, she became a virtual prisoner in her own home, afraid to venture outside. After battling with depression, eating disorders and self-harm, Sophie had the courage to re-enter society in her late teens.She was just 17 when she fell prey to ST, a violent bully who exploited her vulnerability and cruelly assumed complete coercive control over her life. He kept Sophie captive and refused to leave her alone; fed her, bathed her, even escorted her to the toilet. Sophie endured countless tirades of mental and physical abuse, kept as his sex slave while he repeatedly threatened to kill her.She was convinced it was the end. But through her bravery, and with little help from the authorities, Sophie was able to escape.This is her story.Sophie Crockett is a survivor. When she was just 17, she became a victim of horrendous mental and physical abuse, and was kept captive for two years. After escaping, she had the courage and bravery to write her story down. Sophie hopes this book will serve as a warning and inspiration to all women, and be a damning indictment of a criminal justice system that appears to punish the victim more than the perpetrator.• Sophie Crockett’s compelling and inspiring account of survival will find a market of mostly women, aged between 20 and 65 who are moved by true crime, a sector which continues to be supported by a committed readership.• It will appeal to readers of Secret Slave (84K TCM), Slave Girl (6K TCM), Unforgiveable (22K TCM), as well as consumers of true crime programmes such as Making a Murderer and Staircase.• Sophie will partner with Douglas Wight – the successful author and ghostwriter of 12 non-fiction books, including Unforgivable (Penguin, 2014), a Sunday Times bestseller.• News of Sophie’s ordeal has already reached a potential online audience of over 17 million via Sun Online and Mail Online.• Sophie’s abuser has been convicted of his crimes – she is free and willing to promote under her own name on publication.Competition: Secret Slave; Girl A; Slave Girl; The Hospital; Just A Child; No Way Out; Trafficked; Please Let Me Go; You Are Mine; If You Love Me; Violated; I Let Him Go. Cathy Glass; Casey Watson; Maggie Hartley;
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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