Coperta “Baby Bunny’s Easter Surprise”

Baby Bunny’s Easter Surprise

Narator: Clare Corbett

Durata: 7 min

An irresistible picture book about a very cheeky baby bunny!An irresistible picture book about a very cheeky baby bunny!When baby bunny, Letty, discovers that her mummy is the real-life Easter Bunny, she follows her, secretly, through the forest as she hides her special deliveries. But seeing all the choccylicious Easter eggs is much too tempting. Letty nibbles one here and there . . . and soon, the eggs are gone! Will mummy have enough eggs left for Letty’s forest friends?A joyous – and very cheeky – Easter rhyming romp!A funny, rhyming picture book, perfect for Easter!Helen Baugh wrote her first book (a book of spells) as a very young child. After taking a degree, travelling and working as a copywriter, she finally came full circle and started writing children's books again. Helen lives with her partner and their two daughters near the sea in Sussex.A funny, rhyming picture book, perfect for Easter!• First time pairing of Helen Baugh and Nick East• Welcoming Nick East to the HC list!• Nick East is the illustrator of the bestselling Toto the Ninja Cat books, written by Dermot O’Leary, as well as the Goodnight Digger and Knock Knock series• Over 100k units of Helen Baugh’s picture book RUDEY’S WINDY CHRISTMAS sold worldwide• Also from Helen Baugh (illustrated by Ben Mantle): Giant Jelly Jaws and the Pirates (PB 978-0-00-754284-0)• A perfect Easter gift• A jaunty rhyming text, that’s great to read aloud!Competition: Wonky;Donkey;Rudey’s Windy Christmas;Giant Jelly Jaws and the Pirates;Spots and the Dots;Witch with an Itch;Dragon versus;Dinosaur;Pooped;Rhyming Rabbit;Going on an Egg Hunt. by;Helen Baugh;Nick East;Ben Mantle;Jim Field;Rachel Bright;Julia Donaldson;Tom Fletcher;Garry Parsons
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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