Coperta “Brain Body Food”

Brain Body Food

Durata: 7h 23m

In this unique book, you will learn food and life choices crucial to preventing avoidable physical and cognitive decline and the stark difference between those at 40 or 50, compared to what's needed as you move closer to your 80s and beyond.

Most popular health and eating plans are ideal for those in their 20s, 30s and 40s, but can be anything from unhelpful to downright harmful if you are heading towards or beyond your 70s.

Brain Body Food gives you insights into understanding that and knowing how to adapt your focus to avoid harm and relish life as you age.

The author, Ngaire Hobbins reads this book in a clear and engaging but authoritative style. Ngaire is a dietitian specialising in nutrition, wellness and brain health into later age and is skilled at presenting complex science in everyday language, making this an easy listen packed with practical, sensible advice.

You will learn:

why weight loss is no longer good for you
about harnessing the power of the gut microbiome
about diabetes at later age
anti-inflammatory and cell protective eating
how physical activity is inextricably linked to nutrition for peak health
practical, life-enhancing strategies for people living with frailty and/or dementia
and much, much more

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