Coperta “Fen Country”

Fen Country

Narator: Paul Panting

Durata: 3h 50m

Dandelions and hearing aids, a bloodstained cat, a Leonardo drawing, a corpse with an alibi, a truly poisonous letter … just some of the unusual clues that Oxford don/detective Gervase Fen and his friend Inspector Humbleby are confronted with in this sparkling collection of short mystery stories by one of the great masters of detective fiction. ‘Both the mature and the discerning young choose to pick up one of Crispin's beautifully turned crime novels’ The Times ‘Crispin isn't in it for the mystery, but for the enigmas’ Guardian ‘His books are full of high spirits and excellent jokes, with constant literary allusions and an atmosphere of bibulous good humour. But at times the mood turns darker, and Crispin is capable of passages of both genuine suspense and ingenius deduction’ Daily Telegraph ‘Crispin is noted for an ability to embellish clever story lines with Marx Brothers touches’ New York Times ‘Rightly elevated to classic status’ New York Sun Robert Bruce Montgomery was born in Buckinghamshire in 1921, and was a golden age crime writer as well as a successful concert pianist and composer. Under the pseudonym Edmund Crispin, he wrote 9 detective novels and 42 short stories. In addition to his reputation as a leader in the field of mystery genre, he contributed to many periodicals and newspapers and edited sci–fi anthologies. After the golden years of the 1950s he retired from the limelight to Devonshire until his death in 1978. • Reminiscent of Agatha Christie and P.G. Wodehouse, one of the cleverest and wittiest crime writers. • Part of an existing collectible series style. Competition: the;body in the library;moving toyshop;swan song;glimpses of the moon;holy disorders;thursday murder club;tuesday club murders;inspector french;love lies bleeding. by;sophie hannah;richard osman;margery allingham;josephine tey;martin edwards;dorothy l sayers;georges simenon;alyssa cole;agatha christie
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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