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Letters to the Earth

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Narator: Mark Rylance

Durata: 5h 10m

A profound, powerful and moving collection of 100 letters from around the world responding to the climate crisis, introduced by Emma Thompson and lovingly illustrated by CILIP award winner Jackie Morris.‘All power to this amazing project.’ JOANNE HARRIS‘Makes sense of the climate crisis in a whole new way’ MAGID MAGIDA profound, powerful and moving collection of 100 letters from around the world responding to the climate crisis, introduced by Emma Thompson and lovingly illustrated by CILIP award winner Jackie Morris.‘All power to this amazing project.’ JOANNE HARRIS‘Makes sense of the climate crisis in a whole new way’ MAGID MAGIDHow can we begin to talk about what is happening to the world? How can we explain to our children, and to ourselves, what the future of our planet might look and feel like?Letters to the Earthis the beginning of a new conversation. One that attempts to answer some of these questions by listening to the voices of parents and children; politicians and poets; songwriters and scientists. Gathering together over 100 letters written in response to a callout from Culture Declares Emergency, each entry begins to give language to the unspeakable, and shows how our collective power is present when we are ready to slow down and listen to each other.It’s natural to feel worried or concerned about what the future of the earth holds. These letters are an opportunity to reflect on our connection to the planet and the way it faithfully sustains us. But they are also an opportunity to act, to respond to this crisis. To put pen to paper and make your voice heard.Includes contributions from activist Yoko Ono, actor Mark Rylance, poet Kate Tempest, actor Mark Rylance, author Laline Paull, illustrator of The Lost Words Jackie Morris, novelist Anna Hope, environmental writer Jay Griffiths and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. This audiobook includes performances from over 60 actors, authors, and activists, including:– Emma Thompson– Mark Rylance– Andrew Scott– Juliet Stevenson– Caroline Lucas MP– Alex Lawther– Kate Tempest– Matthew Todd– Jumoke Fashola– Dr Gail Bradbrook– Jackie Morris– Morfydd Clark– Danny Sapani– Hannah Scott– Paapa Essiedu– Anna Hope– Greg Hicks– Sudha Bhuchar– Tyrone Huggins– and the Youth StrikersThe full cast also includes: Jo McInness, Jay Griffiths, Kay Michael, Jennifer Lim, Greg Hicks, Freya Manor, Leah Brotherhead, Isla Lee, Dolly Webb, Nia Towle, Chirag Lobo, Sudha Bhuchar, Charlie Beck, Kiki May, Daniela Torres Perez, Justice Savage, Simreth Child, Olivia Dowd, Jessica Hayles, Jem Bendell, Hairkiran Dhingra, Simon McBurney, Sylvian, Stephen Dillane, Nimmi, Mickey Lyndon, Nicola Espitalier Noel, Joy Elias-Rilwan, Colin Brown, Jumoke Fashola, Jessica Siân, Matthew Todd, Blythe Pepino, Dr Martin Shaw, Azul-Valerie Thomé, Naomi Wirthner, Ashby Martin, Tia Khodabocus, Dr Rupert Read, Mairéad Godber, Toni Spencer, Mina Andala, Paul-Ryan Carberry, Saba da Silva, Luzmira Zerpa, Farhana Yamin, and Lee Ross.Music © ‘I’m Going to Lift My People Up’ 2019 The Fire Choir, led by Blythe Pepino; ‘Turtle Dove’ 2019 Lee Ross; ‘One Love’ 2019 Jarvis Smith at the Rally for the Imagination, Youth Strike 4 Climate, 20th September, organised by Culture Declares, Music Declares, and Architects Declare; ‘Power’ 2019 The Fire Choir, led by Blythe Pepino.‘The personal, the poetic, the dramatic, the salvo, the call to action: it’s all here, in this timely anthology’. JINI REDDY The Ecologist‘[Letters to the Earth] is an amazing project, and I support it wholeheartedly… By healing the Earth, we heal ourselves. By loving it, we love ourselves. And by telling its stories, we tell our own, and ensure that they will continue. All power to this amazing project.’ JOANNE HARRISAn extraordinary book. Reading it will remind you of our enduring connection to this planet we call home, and the urgency with which we need to respond to the climate crisis. The letters speak of how much we stand to lose if we fail to take action now. I encourage you to read them. STEPHEN DALDRY, Director of Billy Elliot‘A beautiful book calling for us all to look after the place we call home … Read it, then buy it for everyone you know.’ RED MAGAZINE‘Letters to the Earth is a compelling ode to the elemental and fundamental aspects of our planet… a must-read for anyone who lives on earth.’ BELLA LACK Conservationist and Born Free Youth Ambassador‘An outpouring of grief, anger, hope, love and loss – a collection of letters penned by many thousands have been distilled into this powerful book. Names life Emma Thompson might act as a lure, but the true strength comes from the broad range of contributors. There are moments of real beauty in these pages.’ BBC Wildlife‘Occasionally I come across books that have the power to influence lives, and this I would count as one of them.’ BEN EAGLE Thinking Country Culture Declares Emergency is a growing community of creative practitioners and organisations concerned about the dire state of our planet. In April 2019 they issued a call for the public to write a letter to the earth. The responses were read out during the week of rebellion by actors including Emma Thompson, Andrew Scott and Alex Lawther. Theatres all over the world performed readings from the ‘book of lettersHIGH PROFILE CONTRIBUTIONS• Includes high-profile contributions from Rebecca Solnit, Yoko Ono, Kate Tempest, Jackie Morris, Jay Griffiths and Anna Hope alongside letters from individuals throughout the world.BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED GIFT BOOK• Includes illustrations from the CILIP Kate Greenaway award winner Jackie Morris. An ideal gift for young people who have participated in #schoolstrikeforclimate and adults who have been awakened to the climate crisis by the Extinction rebellion movement.PART OF AN ONGOING CAMPAIGN• The book launch will be accompanied by a ‘Dear Earth…’ marketing campaign which will invite even more people to get involved in the Letters To The Earth initiative.• Video clips of Andrew Scott, Alex Lawther and Nick Drake reading the letters are available for online use.Competition: No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference;There is NO Planet B;The Future We Choose;Our House is On Fire; The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse;Reasons To Stay Alive. Greta Thunberg;David Wallace-Wells;Naomi Klein;Robert MacFarlane;Christiana Figueres;Mike Berners Lee;Charlie Mackesy; Matt Haig
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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