Coperta “Poppy’s Babies”

Poppy’s Babies

Durata: 16 min

Step into the exquisite miniature world of the mice of Brambly Hedge in this beautiful new edition of the classic picture book.Step into the exquisite miniature world of the mice of Brambly Hedge in this beautiful new edition of the classic picture book.It was early summer in Brambly Hedge. Outside everything seemed quiet and peaceful, but inside the mill there was chaos. Poppy’s new babies were crying, Dusty’s mill was clattering and clouds of flour dust filled the air. This was no place to bring up a family. But what was to be done?The mice of Brambly Hedge came up with a plan in no time at all, and even Wilfred managed to keep it a secret from Poppy, so that she had the most wonderful surprise on the babies’ Naming Day.“…the most research-crammed fantasy ever set before small children…” Sunday Times Magazine“Spring Story, Summer Story, Autumn Story and Winter Story are beautiful tales…nostalgic Mums can enjoy them with their own kids.” The Sun (Natasha Harding)“If I [were] a mouse, this is where I’d wanna live” @britneyspears, Instagram“…it brings me great pleasure to see the cyclical nature of time, as I sit on my old bedspread and read my old copy of Brambly Hedge to my son…” British Vogue (Nell Frizzell)Jill Barklem was born in Epping and led a quiet childhood enjoying being close to nature. On leaving school, she studied illustration at St Martin’s in London. The inspiration for Brambly Hedge appeared during Jill’s daily train journey between Epping and London: shutting herself off from the outside world, she became obsessed with the way of life of a band of hedgerow mice, later to be developed as the world of Brambly Hedge.(Colour illustrations)• A beautiful new edition of the classic picture book.• 2020 was the 40th anniversary of the mice of Brambly Hedge• The Brambly Hedge TV animation (first shown in 1996-2000) was broadcast in the UK on Tiny Pop (Christmas 2011), with the books promoted on the Tiny Pop website• Ever since the books were first published, readers have loved exploring the miniature world of the hedgerows and meeting the families that live there• The mice of Brambly Hedge live in perfect harmony with their environment – a theme that has never chimed so perfectly as now• Brambly Hedge has been translated into more than 15 languages, selling over 6.8 million copies worldwide (Bids May 2020)• The mice have appeared on merchandise ranging from china to chocolate, and in an animated television seriesCompetition: Beatrix Potter
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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