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The Diamond Eye

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The brand-new historical novel based on a true story from the bestselling author of The Rose Code and The Alice Network The brand-new historical novel based on a true story from the bestselling author of The Rose Code and The Alice Network In the snowbound city of Kiev, aspiring historian Mila Pavlichenko’s life revolves around her young son – until Hitler’s invasion of Russia changes everything. Suddenly, she and her friends must take up arms to save their country from the Fuhrer’s destruction. Handed a rifle, Mila discovers a gift – and months of blood, sweat and tears turn the young woman into a deadly sniper: the most lethal hunter of Nazis. Yet success is bittersweet. Mila is torn from the battlefields of the eastern front and sent to America while the war still rages. There, she finds an unexpected ally in First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and an unexpected promise of a different future. But when an old enemy from Mila’s past joins forces with a terrifying new foe, she finds herself in the deadliest duel of her life. The Diamond Eye is a haunting novel of heroism born of desperation, of a mother who became a soldier, of a woman who found her place in the world and changed the course of history forever. Praise for The Diamond Eye ‘The Diamond Eye – combat novel, wartime love story, assassination thriller – sets up and pulls off a double-barrelled surprise-ending worthy of its larger-than-life inspiration’ The Wall Street Journal ‘Mila’s was an incredible life and Quinn does it justice in this fast-paced novel’ The Times ‘This timely and earth-shattering tale of heroism will leave you breathless’ Woman’s Own ‘An extraordinary novel, based on a true story’ WI Life ‘Kate Quinn’s skill is in developing characters and relationships, adding tension, suspense and smart plotting’ Choice ‘Equal parts historical fiction and riveting thriller, Quinn’s latest novel celebrating heroic women is a highly cinematic action novel’ The Washington Post More praise for The Diamond Eye ‘Recommend it to all lovers of smart historical fiction’ Booklist ‘Exciting . . . historical fiction fans will be riveted’ Publishers Weekly ‘Readers looking for a new and unique viewpoint of World War II with a mystery to solve and a light touch of romance will dive deep into this story’ Library Journal ‘A fascinating read . . . if you’re a fan of 20th-century history then look no further’ Altrincham Today ‘A remarkable story filled with heart, intrigue [and] breathtaking drama’ Allison Pataki ‘The most well-known sniper you’ve never heard of . . . Quinn weaves humanity and emotional depth through the narrative’ Sarah Penner ‘Lyudmila Pavlichenko’s journey from history student and mother to sniper and national hero is beautifully rendered . . . utterly absorbing’ Natasha Lester ‘Kate Quinn takes expert aim at one of history’s forgotten heroines to bring us a story that will pull you in from the very first sentence’ Alix Rickloff the brand new WW2 historical novel based on a gripping true story from the #1 bestselling author Kate Quinn is a native of southern California. She attended Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Classical Voice. A lifelong history buff, she has written four novels in the Empress of Rome Saga, and two books in the Italian Renaissance detailing the early years of the infamous Borgia clan. All have been translated into multiple languages. She and her husband now live in Maryland with two black dogs named Caesar and Calpurnia. the brand new WW2 historical novel based on a gripping true story from the #1 bestselling author • New from the bestselling author of The Rose Code, which was an immediate #2 New York Times and #1 Canadian Globe and Mail bestseller, an Indie Pick and Amazon Best Book of March 2021 • BASED ON TRUE HISTORICAL FACTS: Like her previous novels, Kate has been inspired by real events and people, basing Mila, her sniper heroine, on a real-life female figure •The Alice Network was chosen for the coveted Reese Witherspoon ‘Hello Sunshine’ Book Club and has sold over half a million copies in the US alone • With The Rose Code HC has delivered Kate Quinn’s biggest outing yet and hit #2 on the Kindle Top 100. With this new book her sales will grow yet again. Competition: the;Tattooist of Auschwitz;Women at Hitler’s Table;German Midwife;Alice Network;dressmaker’s gift;beekeeper of aleppo;regeneration;dressmaker’s gif;girl who escaped from Auschwitz;daughters of war. Lucinda Riley;Gill Paul;Rachel Hore;Santa Montefiore;Dinah Jefferies;Heather Morris;christy lefteri
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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