Coperta “The Kingdom is a Golden Cage”

The Kingdom is a Golden Cage

Durata: 15h 23m

A classic fairytale reimagined… A classic fairytale reimagined… Once upon a time there was a princess, locked in a tower, forced to bend to her father’s will… But Celine is no ordinary princess, and she has no intention of being a damsel in distress. Celine has a lover, Hugo, whose cunning plan to rescue her is tied up in his own ambition to reclaim the lands and title that are his birthright. If only they can break the spell that binds him to the body of a cat, they will free the kingdom from the grasp of a cruel witch and live happily ever after… For the plan to succeed, they must rely on Hugo’s cousin, Philippe, to whom Celine must bind herself in marriage until Hugo can be reinstated. It’s a risk to trust him, but it soon becomes clear that this is the least of their problems, because this is a land of shapeshifters, magic, and illusion, where nothing is as it seems, even the truth. This is Puss in Boots with the intrigue and backstabbing of Game of Thrones. A fairytale, but not as you know it… ‘Reads like a fabulous mix of a fairytale and a spy thriller' Julia Golding, Novelist, Director of the Oxford Centre for Fantasy Lilly Inkwood always wanted to write books, ever since she penned (literally, with a pen) her dozen-page long ‘novel’ in fifth grade. It just took her much too long to realise that she loves fantasy, above all things.She also writes historical fiction as Patricia Adrian. Her novel The Bletchley Women is a USA Today Bestseller. Lilly’s interests also include history (especially women in history), skulking around social media for much longer than she should, and reading, particularly when she’s on a tight deadline and should be writing instead. She lives in Germany.
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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