Coperta “The Saturday Night Sauvignon Sisterhood”

The Saturday Night Sauvignon Sisterhood

Narator: Sophie Aldred

Durata: 11h 41m

It’s time for a w(h)ineIt’s time for a w(h)ine“God, she’s funny” – Jilly Cooper‘Oh, for f*ck’s sake’ muttered Claire under her breath, as she opened the fridge to see what she could find for a no effort dinner. The children continued to fight behind her. They regarded any form of fish not encased in breadcrumbs as toxic, and were resistant enough to the delicious homemade fishfingers Claire had made for them, insisting they much preferred Captain Birdseye’s version. White wine was starting to look like quite an appealing dinner actually.  Maybe just a small glass.‘Are you having wine, Mum?  You know you’re not supposed to have wine every night.  We did about alcohol units at school.  That’s quite a big glass of wine, how many units do you think are in it?’’Bet the bastards didn’t tell you that wine is remarkably good at cancelling out whining though, did they?’ muttered Claire.Claire’s family has gone nuclear. Her precious moppets keep calling Childline when she feeds them broccoli, she’s utterly Ottolenghied out at weekends, and her darling husband is having an affair with her best friend.The question isn’t whether she needs a glass of wine, but is there one big enough?Enter the Sauvignon Sisterhood, a new set of friends brought together by a shared love of liquid therapy. Together they might just be able to convince Claire that, like a good bottle of red, life really can get better with age. Or at least there’s more to it than the joy of an M&S non-iron school uniform.Praise for Gill Sims“God, she’s funny” – Jilly Cooper“Honest and very funny – it’s a tale that mums will identify with” – The Sun“Sims’s latest offering is a hilarious follow-up to her bestselling debut… you’d be forgiven for thinking the blogger behind Peter and Jane couldn’t pull it off twice – but she has” – The Sunday Post“Witty, relevant and bitingly sarcastic… Gill Sims nails the aspects of modern family life that drive us crazy – but which also make us who we are” – Sunday Express MagazineGill Sims is the author of the hugely successful parenting blog and Facebook site ‘Peter and Jane’. Her first book Why Mummy Drinks was the bestselling hardback fiction debut of 2017, spending over six months in the top ten of the Sunday Times Bestseller Charts, and was shortlisted for Debut Novel of the Year in the British Book Awards. Her globally bestselling Why Mummy series has now sold over a quarter of a million copies.She lives in Scotland with her husband, two children and two Border terriers, because apparently one terrier didn’t cause her enough trouble.Gill’s interests include drinking wine, wasting time on social media, trying and failing to capture her lost youth, and looking for one of the dogs when he decides to go on one of his regular jaunts, while trying to stop the other one eating unspeakable things.• Author of Why Mummy Drinks, the Sunday Times Fiction Bestseller of 2017.• Gill’s Peter and Jane Facebook page now exceeds 417k followers.• In 2019, Gill travelled to 35 towns and cities across the country, selling over 10,000 tickets to her sell out live theatre tour.• 2020 was also the year that saw Radio 4 dramatise Why Mummy Swears and the publication of Why Mummy’s SloshedCompetition: The;Bonkers;You Got This;Wrong Knickers;This Mum Runs;Still Me;Flat Share; Grown Ups;Break;School Run;Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?. by;Rachaele Hambleton;Helen Wallen;Olivia Siegl;Bryony Gordon;Jo Pavey;Jennifer Saunders;JoJo Moyes;Sophie Kinsella;Beth O’Leary;Marian Keyes;Jilly Cooper;Cathy Kelly;
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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