Coperta “The Schoolmistress”

The Schoolmistress

Narator: Chloe Massey

Durata: 6h 55m

Heartwarming and nostalgic new Saga series from the author of Mother’s Day on Coronation Street. Heartwarming and nostalgic new Saga series from the author of Mother’s Day on Coronation Street. It’s 1940 and for the Lancashire town of Greenhill, everything is about to change… Local schoolteacher Violet Pegg is surprised to get a letter out of the blue. Her Canadian pen-friend, Daniel, will soon be joining the RAF and be stationed close by. Violet hopes their long-distant friendship is about to become something more. Vicky Buckley, the town postmistress, has recently married the local doctor, but she is shocked when an unexpected visitor turns up on her doorstep. Claire Gold works with her aunt, Sylvia, in the haberdashery shop. When Violet asks her for a favour, it sets off a chain of events that will threaten their friendship. With the dark clouds of conflict looming, will it be love, and not war, that Greenhill must contend with? Praise for Maggie Sullivan: ‘A lovely, nostalgic choice read’ Choice Magazine ‘Perfect’ Woman Praise for Maggie Sullivan: ‘A wonderfully nostalgic tale’ Choice Magazine ‘A perfect festive read’ Woman Magazine ‘A must read’ Amazon ‘A real page-turner’ Amazon ‘A wonderful trip down memory lane’ Goodreads Maggie Sullivan loves to travel, is an avid reader – never going without her Kindle – and her abiding love is watching football. She is an active member of The Romantic Novelists’ Association and for several years edited their journal. She is also a freelance university lecturer and has a keen interest in drama and theatre. Maggie was born and brought up in Manchester, where she acquired a lifelong passion for Coronation Street and its legendary matriarchs. After living abroad for several years, she settled in London where she still lives. Competition: the;The;at;Mother’s Day on Coronation Street;Quality Street Girls;Wartime for the Shop Girls;Shipyard Girls;Woolworths;Wartime;Ration Book;District Nurses;Harpers;. Penny Thorpe;Elaine Everest;Joanna Toye;Nancy Revell;Rosie Clarke;Jean Fullerton
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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