Coperta “Wartime for the District Nurses”

Wartime for the District Nurses

Narator: Alex Tregear

Durata: 11h 0m

The compelling new bestseller from the author of The Mersey Daughter and Winter on the Mersey.The compelling new bestseller from the author of The Mersey Daughter and Winter on the Mersey.Alice Lake and her friend Edith have had everything thrown at them in their first year as district nurses in London’s East End. From babies born out of wedlock to battered wives, they’ve had plenty to keep them occupied.As rationing takes hold and Hitler’s bombers train their sights on London, there is no escaping the reality of being at war. Edith is trying to battle on bravely while bearing her own heartache but there’s no escaping the new terror of the bombing raids. The girls find themselves caught up in the terrible aftermath, their nursing skills desperately needed by the shaken locals on their rounds.With the men away fighting for King and country, it’s up to the nurses to keep up the Spirit of the Blitz, and everyone is counting on them…Praise for Annie Groves:‘An engrossing story’ My Weekly‘A stirring and heartrending family saga…Against a backdrop of change when the suffragette movement was coming to the fore, the choices and dreams of a generation of women combine to create this passionate story’ Liverpool Daily Post‘Heartwrenching and uplifting in equal measure – a tragic indictment of what can happen when you swap passion for duty. Roll on the sequel!’ Take a Break‘Written from the heart’ My WeeklyAnnie Groves was the creation of the much-loved writer, Penny Halsall, who died in 2011. Penny was born and lived in the north-west of England all of her life and the Annie Groves novels drew on her family’s history, picked up from listening to her grandmother’s stories as a child.Penny’s legacy of heart-warming and uplifting novels lives on through writer Jenny Shaw – who knew Penny personally for many years.• Annie Groves is a top 20 Sunday Times bestselling author. These heartwarming stories of love and heartache have garnered legions of fans across the globe.• This series follows the fate and fortune of a young woman who becomes a District Nurse in London’s Roman Road area.• Annie taps into the ongoing nostalgia for the Second World War and the heroic women who kept calm and carried on.• Stunning new package for the seriesCompetition: Miss Nightingale Nurses; The Nurses of Steeple Street; Wartime at Woolworths. Nadine Dorries; Elaine Everest; Daisy Styles; Pam Weaver; Jean Fullerton; Kitty Neale; Donna Douglas; Ellie Dean.
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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