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Watching Women & Girls

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Chosen as one of the ‘best new book releases’ by COSMOPOLITAN A ‘best summer read’ by ELLE MAGAZINE When you look at a woman, who do you see? Chosen as one of the ‘best new book releases’ by COSMOPOLITAN A ‘best summer read’ by ELLE MAGAZINE When you look at a woman, who do you see? “Every aspect of her body or personality was up for inspection: too big, too small, too available, too hidden, too much, not enough.” A wedding day brings back memories of sisterhood and betrayals; a motorway service station is the site of explosive violence, but also strange bonds; a trip home forces a reminder of a life-changing, lost friendship; a woman confronts her own infidelity; an artist celebrates a life spent in observation. This debut collection movingly explores how women and girls are looked at, look at one another, and look at themselves, and how living as an object can shape their passions, fears, and joys. With a clear eye and dark humour, Danielle Pender considers sex, parenting, grief and class as lenses for the ways in which the world watches women — and how women are always watching back. ‘Watching Women and Girls is a searing meditation on the moments that make, and break, us. As canny as they are entertaining, these stories are packed with emotional intelligence, capturing the dark and the light of the female experience in a series of vignettes that every one of us will in some way relate to. I loved it.’CHARLOTTE PHILBY, AUTHOR OF THE SECOND WOMAN Vibrant, intense and darkly comic this is a powerful and thoughtful collection told through closely observed, spellbinding characters that stay with you.’ABIGAIL BERGSTROM, AUTHOR OF WHAT A SHAME ‘A page-flipping joy of a read. Pender is a generous writer and observer of society who incisively captures what it is to be a woman in our times.’CHARLOTTE JANSEN, AUTHOR OF GIRL ON GIRL ‘Smart and astute, funny and wry; a catalogue of the modern conditions of dating, working and being. It encouraged me to pay more attention to the world around me and the secret lives of those in it.’AMELIA ABRAHAM, AUTHOR OF QUEER INTENTIONS ‘To see, be seen and know that you are, always, being watched. That is the experience of being a woman today. This thoughtful, meditative and, at times, absurdly funny collection is a reminder that someone is, always, looking right back.’VICKY SPRATT, AUTHOR OF TENANTS ‘A beautifully written exploration of woman and girlhood, with all of its contradictions and quirks. Danielle is a sharp new talent.’SIRIN KALE Chosen as one of the ‘best new book releases’ by COSMOPOLITAN A ‘best summer read’ by ELLE MAGAZINE Born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Danielle gained her BA in History of Modern Art, Design & Film at Northumbria University and MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. In 2013 she founded Riposte, a bi-annual print publication that offers a diverse and nuanced reflection on the lives of modern women which has attracted a loyal readership and following world-wide. She has written for other publications including Refinery 29, It’s Nice That, Apartamento, amongst others. She currently lives in London with her husband and daughter. This is her debut collection of short stories. Danielle is the founder and editor-in-chief of Riposte magazine and therefore has brilliant connections to people within the media and publishing industry that can support on publication.There are big audiences for books centred around this topic – comparisons include books such as Three Women, Expectation, Ghosts and more.Riposte magazine can support publication, including on their socials (36.6K followers).Danielle is experienced with PR so will be brilliant at publicity/events etc and we can expect endorsements from Emma Dabiri, Jenna Wortham, Dolly Alderton, Zing Tsjeng, Naomi Shimada, Liv Little and more. Competition: Three Women; Expecation; Ghosts; My Dark Vanessa; Such a Fun Age; Luster; Insatiable; Exciting Times, Queenie, Normal People. Lisa Taddeo, Anna Hope, Dolly Alderton, Kate Elizabeth Russell, Raven Leilani, Kiley Reid, Daisy Buchanan, Naoise Dolan; Sally Rooney;Candice Carty-Williams
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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