Coperta “You Were Always Mine”

You Were Always Mine

Narator: Alexis Floyd

Durata: 12h 10m

‘Sits squarely at the tender intersection of race, class, and ethics – wrapped in beautiful prose and a killer plot that keeps you turning the pages’ JODI PICOULT ‘Sits squarely at the tender intersection of race, class, and ethics – wrapped in beautiful prose and a killer plot that keeps you turning the pages’ JODI PICOULT Is the truest family the one we’re born into, or the one we make for ourselves? Cinnamon Haynes has fought hard for everything she has – her marriage, a stable job as a career counsellor, and home of her own. She’s overcome the difficult circumstances of her childhood to build this life, and yet, she can’t help but wonder . . . is this all there is? Just nineteen years old, Daisy Dunlap has already faced her share of hardships, but she has big dreams for her future. A future which is threatened when she gets unexpectedly pregnant and, desperate and alone, she makes a drastic decision with devastating consequences. When Cinnamon finds an abandoned baby in the park, she takes the newborn into her home, not realising the chain reaction this will set off. Cinnamon must deal with the shocking judgements from friends, strangers, even her own husband, about why a Black woman like her would take in this blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby, but all Cinnamon wants is to do right by this innocent child. Then, Cinnamon’s fragile hold over the baby is threatened and she must fight for the family she wants – even if that costs her everything she once held dear . . . –– PRAISE FOR CHRISTINE PRIDE & JO PIAZZA: ‘A powerful story about friendship, race, love, forgiveness, and justice . . . Empathetic, riveting, and authentic’ Laura Dave, author of The Last Thing He Told Me ‘An absolute must-read for your book clubs for debate and discussion’ Nina Pottell, Prima (Book of the Month) ‘Powerful and timely’ Guardian ‘Guaranteed to get people talking’ Good Housekeeping Praise for You Were Always Mine ‘The work of Jo Piazza and Christine Pride sits squarely at the tender intersection of race, class, and ethics – wrapped in beautiful prose and a killer plot that keeps you turning the pages. Before you begin You Were Always Mine, ask yourself why you often see white foster parents with Black kids . . . but rarely the other way around. What makes a family? Who has the right to raise a child? Does race matter more than love or security? And perhaps most important of all – why don't we feel comfortable asking these questions? This novel will spark one of many conversations America should be having’ Jodi Picoult Praise for Christine Pride and Jo Piazza ‘A painfully amazing read teaching us that sometimes, when it comes to race, the real enemy is ignorance’ Rhys Stephenson, actor and TV presenter ‘Provides a starting point for conversations which are crucial, at times uncomfortable, but long overdue’ Ruth Hogan, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Keeper of Lost Things ‘The best kind of book, one that manages to educate readers as it entertains them. Riveting, timely and honest, this powerful page-turner explores the complexity of friendship and race – and will stay with you long after its stunning conclusion’ Greer Hendricks, Sunday Times bestselling co-author of The Wife Between Us ‘A brilliant novel from Christine Pride and Jo Piazza capturing today’s complex issues of race and class’ HELLO! ‘This is one of those books that is guaranteed to get people talking’ Joanne Finney, Good Housekeeping ‘A powerful story race, compassion, friendship and justice[…] a challenging and important read’ Daily Mail ‘I rarely say this, but I think everyone should read this’ Platinum ‘Powerful, accessible and wholly relatable’ Stylist a gripping and moving new novel of family and motherhood not to miss in 2023! Christine Pride worked in publishing for fifteen years, having worked with a variety of established and debut writers and published many New York Times bestsellers and critically acclaimed books including, From Scratch, Heaven is Here, and A Reason to Believe. Christine pens a regular column, ‘Race Matters’, for Cup of Jo alongside her novel-writing. Jo Piazza is an award-winning journalist and editor who has written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Glamour and Elle. The bestselling author of The Knockoff, How to Be Married, Fitness Junkie, and Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, she currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband and three children. Their debut novel as a writing duo, We Are Not Like Them, was published to wide critical acclaim and a Good Morning America Book Club Pick. You Were Always Mine is their second novel. a gripping and moving new novel of family and motherhood not to miss in 2023! • The much-anticipated second novel from the powerhouse writing duo that brought us the provoking and important debut novel, WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM. • YOU WERE ALWAYS MINE is a poignant story about a Black woman who finds an abandoned white baby. This sends her on a collision course with her past, her family, and a birth mother who doesn't want to be found. • For fans of THE MOTHERS by Brit Bennett, LOVE MARRIAGE by Monica Ali, Tayari Jones and Jodi Picoult. • A provocative and conversation-starting novel that explores what makes a mother, who deserves to be a mother, and whether motherhood is a privilege or a right. It is a story about race, motherhood, and the families that we make. • Perfectly hits the sweet spot in the ‘reading group meets women’s fiction’ space. Will be a word-of-mouth hit for book groups across the world. • First novel’s success. WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM:– Over 20,000 copies sold across formats.– One of HQ’s most widely reviewed novels – endorsements from a broad range of media (Prima to Daily Mail, Heat to Guardian), and authors and TV personalities (Laura Dave, Rhys Stephenson, David Lammy, Greer Hendricks). We’ll be aiming for a similar spread with YWAM.– Almost 4,000 Amazon reader reviews, 90% of which are 4- or 5-star reviews.– Retailer support: Waterstones and the indies got behind publication, with various special editions across formats, and we saw a high level of engagement from booksellers, creating strong platform to launch YWAM. Competition: the;all my;school for good;mothers;love marriage;people person;vanishing half;mad honey;our missing hearts;night crawling;sorrow and bliss;paper palace. by;brit bennett;jodi picoult;tayari jones;monica ali;celeste ng;liane moriarty;leila mottley;elizabeth day;meg mason;miranda cowley heller
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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