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Your Life Graduation

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Everyone on this planet deserves to lead a heavenly life, rather living in multiple hells in some or other facets of our lives. In other words, we all deserve to lead a heavenly life on this planet before aiming for an eternal heaven. It is important to understand that leading heavenly life is not necessarily to lead a life of pleasures and comforts. It is more about leading a meaningful and purpose-driven life with sustainable happiness, inner peace, life fulfillment, and contentment. Paradoxically, there are more people on this planet, who are deprived of true-life fulfillment and contentment in their lives. We are living in one or other forms of life hells and there are no exceptions of being rich or poor, literate or illiterate, male or female, and irrespective of one’s faith, ethnicity, caste, and creed, we all are subject to nature’s law of equality.

This book “Your Life Graduation” encapsulates all the essential life ingredients in the form of “Ten Life Fulfillment Empires” which includes Right Mindset, Personalset, Healthset, Familyset, Heartset, Professionalset, Financialset, Socialset, Spiritualset, and Philanthropicset. Each one of these ten life fulfillment empires further classified into four core pillars, which empower you to unlock your life treasures for unleashing your true potential. This book is a precise masterpiece enriched with decades of my life learnings, my life experiences, and the wisdom acquired from the best brains of the world who made significant contributions in human history on this world.

This is a practical “Self-Awareness Blueprint,” towards your life fulfillment, sustainable happiness, and contentment. It maneuvers you from being drowning in an ocean of self-help literature in the form of information overload in the path towards your life fulfillment and contentment. The essential life ingredients in these ten-life fulfillment empires add immense value in shaping your life transformation towards attaining your life graduation, which is a bye product of your life fulfillment in all those ten life fulfillment empires.

Remember, if you want to attain life fulfillment and sustainable happiness, it is essential that you need to attain at least basic mastery in all these ten life fulfillment empires. One may argue that some fulfillment empires doesn’t matter now or at all. However, human history from past thousands of years clearly shows, it is imminent that every life fulfillment empire matters most, if not today it affects tomorrow or some other day. Moreover, life fulfillment empires are contagious, in both positive and negative terms. On positive side, if you attain one life fulfillment empire, it complements every other fulfillment empire, where it works on one to many and many to one relationship. It is true for the negative side too, if you ignore one fulfillment empire than its struggles and sufferings spreads to all other life fulfillment empires, moreover, it diminishes whatever good you attained in other fulfillment empires of your life.

In summary, “Your Life Graduation” is about attaining basic mastery in all those ten fulfillment empires similar to your academic graduation where you need to qualify in all the subjects. It does not matter if you have scored full or highest grades in a few subjects but you failed in one or more subjects, which means you haven’t qualified for your graduation ceremony. Likewise, in your life graduation, you need to attain basic life fulfillment in all those fulfillment empires and if you fall short in any one-fulfillment empire, it simply means an incomplete life, which also means you have not life graduated yet. However, it is your choice, to attain the highest mastery levels in one or more life fulfillment empires, but it is mandatory for basic mastery in all fulfillment empires for your life graduation.

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