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'Essential reading.' – ESQUIRE 'Both absorbing and highly illuminating' – THE BOOKSELLER 'No one understands the intricacies of YouTube like Chris Stokel-Walker' – THE ATLANTIC Two billion people watch YouTube and it reaches deep into everyday lives. Its creators start new trends, popularise new songs and games and make and break new products. Yet while they are famous to billions of mostly young people, they mostly remain a mystery to the general public and mainstream media. What is the secret of their appeal? How do they cope with being in front of the lens – and who is behind their success? More than 100 insiders spoke candidly to teach journalist Chris Stokel-Walker for this first in-depth independent book on YouTube. YouTubers is the only book you need to understand YouTube, its ownership by Google, its deal for stars and its ecosystem of talent managers, advertisers and marketers. It is a richly-layered deep dive into YouTube brimming with lively characters, engaging facts, and influencer case studies. It is an ideal guide for any media studies students, advertisers, brand managers and business people who need to understand YouTube professionally. And for any non-fiction reader interested in a gripping business and technology saga dripping with big money, ruthlessness, determination and ambition. YouTubers starts by charting the platform's launch in a boring 19-second video of the elephant enclosure at San Diego Zoo – which has now had 242 million views. YouTubers then moves onto the first oddball videos before the site found success by showing comedy clips from the TV show Saturday Night Live. YouTubers reveals how YouTube saw off its emerging rivals in the online video battle of the 2000s and was bought by the search engine specialist Google. With Google's billions and boosted by smartphones, YouTube became the dominant video platform. Bloggers started to create engaging, fast-cut videos that capitalised on the intimate relationship between creator and user – a 'parasocial' relationship stronger than the bond between TV presenter and viewer. By ceaselessly urging their followers to tap the like, comment and subscribe buttons, these creators helped YouTube's rise to global domination. YouTubers speaks to YouTube stars KSI, Hank and John Green and delves into the lives of child star MattyB, the training camp for aspiring teenage bloggers, the YouTube stunts that go wrong and the increasing efforts of creators to earn money from Patreon. And it tackles the platform's Muslim extremism, red-pilling, and its content guidelines and censorship. YouTubers asks how YouTube can take on the threat from other big platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In short, YouTubers tells the riveting story of the exponential growth of YouTube from single home video to global tech phenomenon. It is the best and only book you need to read on YouTube. Extract Introduction One spring afternoon Casey Neistat uploaded a video lasting five minutes and twenty-two seconds to YouTube. In the style of so many YouTubers, he looked straight into the camera and aired his opinion on a matter of importance. As the elder statesman on the platform, Neistat's words carry weight. He can make or break products and careers — and this video was no different. Seconds after he uploaded his video to YouTube via his superfast broadband at his creative headquarters in New York, it was available worldwide to four billion people: everyone on Earth with an internet connection. Millions of Neistat's subscribers instantly received a notification telling them that one of YouTube's most influential stars was again speaking directly to them. Across the world in apartment blocks, restaurants, bedrooms and bathrooms, phones pinged, buzzed and beeped. Hundreds of thousands of people... Start listening!Chris Stokel-Walker is a British journalist whose work regularly appears in WIRED, The Economist and Newsweek. He is known for breaking major news about YouTube and often reports on the site for television, radio and podcasts. For YouTubers he travelled around the world, speaking to behind-the-camera producers and powerbrokers, including key creators KSI, Hank and John Green, and Emma Blackery. As an example of his extensive research, see the Table of Contents for YouTubers: PART I POWER AND BEGINNINGS 1. Uploading: Casey Neistat and the power of YouTube 2. Jake Paul: cars, money, and a burning swimming pool 3. Me At the Zoo: Jawed Karim and the worst video of all time 4. Viral comedy: YouTube laughs all the way to the bank 5. Grace Helbig and the first stars of vlogging 6. From Russia to Latin America: YouTube goes global PART II ENGINE ROOM: HOW YOUTUBE WORKS 7. The Algorithm: YouTube's secret formula 8. Policing YouTube: extremism and the Adpocalypse 9. Sponsored content: the tale of Dodie Clark and Heinz beans PART III CHARTING THE STARS 10. Know your YouTube: elite, macro-influencer and micro-influencer 11. Elite influencers: fighting their way to the top 12. Child stars: meet MattyB, who gets two million views a day 13. Macro-influencers: beauty, crime and DIY 14. Micro-influencers: speaking to a devoted audience PART IV BEHIND THE SCENES: SNAPSHOTS 15. Summer in the City: a gathering of the influencers 16. Collaboration: Sapphire builds a career 17. Management: Sarah Weichel, star agent 18. Training camp: with the 11-year-old YouTubers 19. YouTube school: with the adult entrepreneurs PART V CAUGHT IN THE MACHINE 20. Pranks for views: why Monalisa Perez shot her boyfriend 21. Authenticity: the fourth wall for YouTubers 22. Burnout: slaves to the algorithm 23. Fanatical fans: obsessive relationships PART VI THE BATTLE FOR CONTROL 24. YouTubers found a union 25. Patreon: seeking independent support 26. Merchandise: from books to pop sockets PART VII THE FUTURE: YOUTUBE v TV 27. Invasion of the Hollywood stars 28. Is YouTube killing traditional TV? 29. Online video war: YouTube v Facebook PART VIII CONCLUSION 30. A flawed winner Glossary Acknowledgements Notes Index Chris' follow-up book is TikTok Boom: The Inside Story of the World's Favourite App (Canbury, 2021).No one understands the intricacies of YouTube like Chris Stokel-Walker. His reporting on the platform and its creators has been ground breaking and unparalleled. - Taylor Lorenz, The Atlantic For anyone trying to understand the bonkers world of YouTube, this is essential reading. Full of entertaining dispatches from the front line of streaming, Stokel-Walker has written the preeminent guide to the new celebrity world - and what it means for the rest of us. - Sam Parker, Esquire Brilliant, witty and extraordinary... This is a must-read book for anyone who wants to truly understand the future of media, as well as the internet itself. - Hussein Kesvani, MEL Magazine If you want to understand the inner workings of your favourite YouTube influencers, or perhaps if you want to understand why your children are always talking about them, you should read this book. It is smart, sweeping, and significant. - Simon Clark, YouTube Both riveting and deeply analytical. Read it - but prepare to be shocked by how little you know about YouTube.' – Jamie Bartlett, Demos Have you heard of Hannah Hart, KSI, or Jake Paul? If you have, you're probably under 25. If you haven't, and you're not eager to spend thousands of hours following links on YouTube (and are trained to prefer the polish of TV and film), Chris Stokel-Walker is here to explain it all for you. - Wendy M Grossman, ZDNet UK
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