Coperta “99 Readym Anthologies99 Classic Mystery Short Stories Vol.1 :”

Nr. pagini: 1544

CONTENTS: ALGERNON BLACKWOOD 1. Confession ARTHUR B. REEVE 2. The Beauty Mask ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE 3 to 14. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ARTHUR QUILLER-COUCH 15. The Affair of Bleakirk-on-Sands ARTHUR STANWOOD PIER 16. The Best Friend ARTHUR STRINGER 17. The Adolescence of Number Eighty-Seven 18. The Bell 19. The Benevolence of Montana Bill 20. The Button Thief BARRY PAIN 21. The Bottom of the Gulf 22. With a Clear Conscience CAROLYN WELLS 23. The Adventure of the Clothes-line COMPTON MACKENZIE 24. Carnage E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM 25. A Mad Christmas 26. An Aristocratic Socialist 27. An Unlucky Rehearsal EDGAR FAWCETT 28. The Current of Things EDGAR WALLACE 29. The Agreeable Company ELEANOR H. PORTER 30. Angelus 31. The Apple of Her Eye EMERSON HOUGH 32. The Abducted Bride ETHEL WATTS MUMFORD 33. The Bells of Cullam F. HOPKINSON SMITH 34. Captain Joe FORREST CRISSEY 35. The Achievement FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT 36. Surly Tim's Trouble FRED M. WHITE 37. A Gamble in Love 38. A Liberal Education 39. A Matter of Kindness 40. Autumn Manœuvres 41. The Ace of Hearts G.B. LANCASTER 42. The Brand of the Wild GEORGE ADE 43. The Backslider GILBERT PARKER 44. A Castaway of the South 45. As Deep As the Sea 46. At Point o' Bugles 47. Barbara Golding 48. The Baron of Beauguard H. BEDFORD-JONES 49. A Question of Brains 50. A Tiger Hilt H.G. WELLS 51. The Apple HAPSBURG LIEBE 52. A Woman Keeps a Secret HAROLD BINDLOSS 53. An Unofficial Affair HARVEY J. O'HIGGINS 54. A Change of Profession 55. Captain Keighley's Men 56. Captain Meaghan's Retirement 57. The Anonymous Letters HENRY C. ROWLAND 58. 677-X-7: A Motor-Car Tale HONORE WILLSIE 59. Afraid of the Dark HUGH PENDEXTER 60. At the Belton Arms JAMES BRANCH CABELL 61. As the Coming of Dawn JAMES HOPPER 62. Banjo Nell 63. The Failure 64. The Maestro of Balangilang JAMES OLIVER CURWOOD 65. The Copper-Ship JENNETTE LEE 66. At the End of the Rainbow JOSEPHINE DASKAM BACON 67. Where Thieves Break In LEONARD MERRICK 68. Aribaud's Two Wives MARGARET SHERWOOD 69. All for Love MARIE BELLOC LOWNDES 70. A Citizen of Calais MARJORIE BOWEN 71. Dorinda Dares 72. The Apple of Venus MARY HEATON VORSE 73. The Ancient Courage MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN ANDREWS 74. The Butler MAX BEERBOHM 75. A. V. Laider MAX PEMBERTON 76. Barbara of the Bell House 77. The Accursed Gems OCTAVUS ROY COHEN 78. The Baboon's Sister PERCEVAL GIBBON 79. Ambush 80. The Adventure on a Portuguese Trader 81. The Adventure with the Slave Dealer 82. The Adventuress R. AUSTIN FREEMAN 83. The Aluminum Dagger 84. The Anthropologist at Large RICHARD MARSH 85. The Assassin ROY NORTON 86. Captain Bill RUDYARD KIPLING 87. Friendly Brook 88. Mary Postgate RUPERT HUGHES 89. At the Sixth Tee SAX ROHMER 90. The Call of Siva STACY AUMONIER 91. Them Others W. PETT RIDGE 92. A Successful Conspiracy 93. Ah Lun's gift W. W. JACOBS 94. After the Inquest 95. Choice Spirits WILKIE COLLINS 96. The Angler's Story Of The Lady Of Glenwith Grange 97. The Lawyer's Story of a Stolen Letter 98. The Nun's Story of Gabriel's Marriage WILLIAM RAINE 99. A Meeting of His Creditors
Publicat de: Oregan Publishing

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