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Beginning Japanese Phrases

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This series is based on a weekly podcast we produce called (unimaginatively) Beginning Japanese Phrases.


As we do in the podcast, we'll introduce one useful Japanese word, phrase, or grammatical function. Then we'll breakdown an example sentence using that word within a common context.

Each example sentence will include a literal and more natural translation as well as all the vocabulary and grammar defined and explained.

We are including ro-maji at the end, but we highly recommend avoiding that and work through the Japanese instead.


This book is designed so that both those fairly new to Japanese and those in the upper beginner stages can equally get value. You will need to know hiragana and basic grammar and sentence structure to use this book.


Keyword or phrase: We chose the word, phrase, or grammatical pattern because of its usefulness to beginners.

Example sentence: The example sentence uses the keyword and shows a common context.

Vocabulary: Every word is defined and explained.

Grammatical Notes: In addition to vocabulary, we go through important grammatical patterns found in the story and attempt to explain them in plain English.

Sound Files: Included at no extra charge are two sound files of each sentence. One is read at a normal speed and the other at a slow, easy-to-follow pace. The naming of the files corresponds with the chapter number. If you have ANY trouble downloading, please email us at help@thejapanshop.com and just mention where you bought this book.

Podcasts: You'll also find the actual podcasts in the download files. The podcasts are designed to be listened to with or without the written material. It will give you a chance to repeat and shadow the speaker.

QR Codes: In addition to downloading the sound files, you can also point your phone's camera at any of the QR codes found within the book to instantly hear the audio streaming.

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