Coperta “Being Free”

Publicat de: Editorial Autores de Argentina

Data publicarii: 26 octombrie 2021

Nr. pagini: 141

Freedom does not mean absence of coaction, which on the other hand is impossible for the limited human being (evidently through the elemental economic and material conditions). Freedom is referred to the responsibility that makes of autonomy a critizable authority. Therefore, justification is included in freedom and is born of the committed rationality of human being (who iconoclastically is able to eclypse manipulations and servility-)- In this sense, the democracy and utopia of freedom are mutually grounded if one does not understand utopia as an ideology or dogma to be applied over the person or the society. The opposition determinism-freedom should be overcome, hence, through a pragmatic attitude allowing freedom for individual and social creativity.Prologue Introduction Justification 1 - Religious Justification 2 - Justification and the Law 3 - Justification and Knowledge 4 - Manipulation, Iconoclasm, Utopia (Conclusion Notes

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