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Game Artist

Publicat de: Sonola & Jones Ltd.

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The ultimate career guide walks you through the pitfalls and power-ups of building a career in this multi-billion dollar but secretive industry. Brimming with practical advice, for both aspiring artists and the experienced, GAME ARTIST leads you through the tricky process of career building, boosting you to the next level.

There’s no talk of pesky pixels or polygons. This is all about YOU and developing your multiple skill-sets.

From veteran Art Director and Artist Paul Jones, GAME ARTIST provides you with the golden key to unlocking your full career potential. All you have to do is step through the door. This is a walkthrough and career guide rolled into one!

This book is for you, if:

You want to learn the secrets of the games industry

You want to get into a video game art department

You wonder what makes a successful game artist

You feel stuck in your role and want to level up

You want to make the leap into team building and management

You don’t know how to get promoted? That’s ok. It’s because you don’t know the rules of the game. Until now.

Having worked for the last 25 years in the games industry, learning from the ground up, Paul has experienced a wide range of high-profile companies, Epic Games (Unreal Tournament 3), Rocksteady (Batman Arkham City), TTFusion (LEGO City Undercover) and the record-smashing Star Citizen with Cloud Imperium Games.


Give your work a winning edge by crafting the ultimate portfolio.

Hear from industry specialists on hiring a successful artist.

Learn strategies to improve your interview technique.


Techniques and tools to keep your creative output high.

Explore game studio, project, and art team structures.

Advice on avoiding burnout, building strong teams, authentic leadership and powering up your soft skills.


Artist roles explained in detail from Junior Artist to Art Director

Get the promotion you’ve always wanted, in-depth processes explained.

Insider interviews and industry examples to help you take your career to the next level.

Packed with hard-won information, from studios around the world, in-depth interviews with seasoned industry professionals, and advice on being the ideal professional, GAME ARTIST is the helping hand you always wanted.

No more messing, no more guessing - it's time to level up!

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