Coperta “A Terrible Secret”

A Terrible Secret

Durata: 8h 49m

Tilly hates her stepfather, Dave. He abuses her mother, but she refuses to leave him.Tilly hates her stepfather, Dave. He abuses her mother, but she refuses to leave him.Frightened for her own safety, Tilly asks to go into foster care and is placed with Cathy. Tilly arrives with a graze on her cheek and Cathy becomes increasingly concerned by Dave’s behaviour, especially when she learns he has been showering Tilly with gifts. While she’s busy looking after Tilly and trying to keep her safe, Cathy is also worried about her own daughter, Lucy. She has a very difficult decision to make that will affect the rest of her life, and Cathy hopes she makes the right choice.Cathy has been a foster carer for over 25 years, during which time she has looked after more than 100 children, of all ages and backgrounds. She has three teenage children of her own; one of whom was adopted after a long-term foster placement. The name Cathy Glass is a pseudonym.This will be her 33rd book and 25th fostering memoir.• Cathy has 62k followers on Facebook and over 10k followers on Twitter.• Her memoirs use her vast experience as a specialist foster carer to reveal the realities behind children in care.Competition: Thrown Away Child;Stella’s Story;Exploited;Not to Blame;Please, Let Me Go;Who Are You?;The Hospital;The Boy in the Cellar;Devil on the Doorstep. by;Maggie Hartley;Lisa Stone;Torey L. Hayden;Louise Allen;Casey Watson;Rosie Lewis;Linsa Watson-Brown;Richard Gallear;Veronica Clark
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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