Coperta “And Break the Pretty Kings”

And Break the Pretty Kings

Narator: Greta Jung

Durata: 13h 29m

Inspired by Korean history and myths, this rich and evocative high-stakes fantasy is perfect for fans of GALLANT and SIX CRIMSON CRANES. Inspired by Korean history and myths, this rich and evocative high-stakes fantasy is perfect for fans of GALLANT and SIX CRIMSON CRANES. A crown princess.A monster the gods fear.A destiny no one can outrun. Mirae was meant to save her queendom, but the ceremony before her coronation ends in terror and death, unlocking a strange new power within her and foretelling the return of a monster even the gods fear. Amid the chaos, Mirae’s beloved older brother is taken—threatening the peninsula’s already tenuous truce. Desperate to save her brother and defeat this ancient enemy before the queendom is beset by war, Mirae sets out on a journey with an unlikely group of companions while her unpredictable magic gives her terrifying visions of a future she must stop at any cost. ‘Reminiscent of the greatest fantasy classics but wholly unique, with roots in Korean history and mythology, this riveting debut is filled with fierce, hidden foes, and a young queen on an adventure that will either save or break her world. I couldn’t put this one down!’Axie Oh, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE GIRL WHO FELL BENEATH THE SEA ‘A twisty, riveting page-turner filled with bold surprises! In this thrilling debut fantasy, Jeong draws richly from Korean myths and legends, conjuring an immersive world where dark magic looms, destiny beckons, and one girl’s unique ability to jump through time sets her on a collision path with fate.’June CL Tan, author of JADE FIRE GOLD ‘A stunning ode to Korean mythology, AND BREAK THE PRETTY KINGS is a captivating modern update on the classic fantasy adventure.’Tanvi Berwah, author of MONSTERS BORN AND MADE ‘Brimming with rich magic and delicious prose, Jeong deftly weaves a time-bending tale of family, love and the true cost of identity. Get ready to have your heart stolen by this stunning debut.’Swati Teerdhala, author of THE TIGER AT MIDNIGHT trilogy Lena Jeong wrote her first novel in the fifth grade—complete with a dude in distress, a heroine named Macaroni Pizza, and a dragon that is allergic to men. When she’s not working on her Korean-inspired novels, Lena is doing everything in her power to remain the “Favorite Auntie” amongst her adorable nieces and nephews. You can also find her endlessly experimenting on new ways to make the perfect matcha latte. Lena has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. And Break the Pretty Kings is her debut. - Authors debut book-Rich fantasy world inspired by the historic Three Kingdoms of Korea-Will be featuring in a Locked Library subscription box-Co pub with the US Competition: Daughter of the Moongodess;Heart of the Sun Warrior;Divine Rivals;Shadow and Bone;Legend Born;The Luminaries;The Runestone Saga;The Cruel Prince;Fable. Sue Lynn Tan;Rebecca Ross;Leigh Bardugo;Susan Dennard;Holly Black;Adrienne Young
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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