Coperta “Beating Endo”

Narator: Anna Crowe

Durata: 8h 22m

This book is unique, informative, and approachable – and addresses a problem faced by one in ten (176 million) women worldwide.This book is unique, informative, and approachable – and addresses a problem faced by one in ten (176 million) women worldwide.Dr Iris Orbuch. is a surgeon and Amy Stein,a physical therapist, the founder of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy. Together they have produced a guide for women about how to deal with their endometriosis in order to:1) Avoid surgery (if at all possible),2) What to do before surgery (should they absolutely need it); and how3) To live and what to do post-surgery – so that the women afflicted by this disease, can reclaim their lives.Dr. Orbuch and Amy Stein have called upon those they call the endometriosis “warriors” – specialists in a range of practices with whom they routinely share knowledge and insights into what works for the women they care for.With the recent new guidelines issued by NICE in the UK this book is destined to become the go-to reference for the thousands of women struggling with this debilitating condition.‘Beating Endo is an essential book for any woman suffering with endometriosis… It shows women how to get back into their lives, into the workforce, and into feeling well again. A book that will change lives forever!’ Amanda Freitag, award-winning chef and author of The Chef Next Door‘Thanks to Amy’s and Iris’s compassionate and thorough whole-body approach to healing, I’m finally on the road to a pain-free existence. I urge anyone affected by endometriosis to read this crucial step-by-step guide that breaks down every facet of this sometimes debilitating disease.’ Mae Whitman, actress‘[Beating Endo]’s program of physical therapy, dietary management, medical treatments, mindfulness, and more, present what is necessary for effective treatment.’ Fred Howard, MD, ob/gyn, founder of the International Pelvic Pain SocietyIn the UK NICE has issued its first ever guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.This is a timely and much needed plan of treatment, science based and demonstrably effective to restore health, vitality and quality of life to everyone with the disease.Written by a gynaecologist and physical therapist, both women, both mother’s of daughters, both professionally and passionately committed to caring for women with endo.Competition: Beating Osteoporosis Heal The Living well with Endometriosis Naturally Health and Diet Program Doctor Will See You Now Pain Management Journal How New You. Diana Moran Andrew S. Cook Seckin MD, Tamer Wendy K Laidlaw Horne Carol Pearson Dian Shepperson Mills Sophie Marissa Tia Mowry
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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