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Build Boldly

Durata: 2h 54m

The time is now to craft your playbook for success. Have you been feeling stagnant in your career or unable to manifest your true self in the workplace? Are you struggling to make career or life-changing decisions or, as a leader, want to lead your people more boldly? Build Boldly provides a practical playbook to spark bold, courageous action for growth, and leadership that inspires others to rise and be their best. When you have listened to this audiobook, you will be able to: ·     Be authentic, amplify your uniqueness and have the courage to be yourself ·     Open your mind to new ways of thinking and working, walking through new doors and seizing opportunities ·     Leave limiting beliefs behind, bet on yourself and finally act on your career dreams ·     Develop relationships, be generous and lift others as you make your way to the top ·     Lead boldly, challenge the norm and create a work environment that nurtures and retains great people Bolanle Williams-Olley is chief financial officer and part-owner of Mancini Duffy, a technology-first design firm. She is a dynamic leader within the built industry and founder of several impact organizations for improving education in low-income schools in Nigeria, empowering women and small firms, and creating awareness about NGOs across Nigeria. Learn more at
Publicat de: Rethink Press

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