Coperta “Clever Dog”

Clever Dog

Narator: Jane Arnfield

Durata: 5h 15m

Man is not ape. Dog is not wolf.Man is not ape. Dog is not wolf.From startling facts about its origins, to the fundamental reasons behind dog and man’s unbreakable attachment, Clever Dog: The Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know explores the myths that so many pet owners have been led to believe – and forms conclusions as to how our future relationship with the dog needs to change in order to survive, and thrive.With her unique understanding of the secret language of dogs and her belief that all dogs are ‘clever dogs’, Sarah uses amusing anecdote and useful case histories to discover the mysteries of dog behaviour and show us a way of communicating with the four-legged friend who shares our hearts and homes.Dog lovers can look at their best friends in a new light and create the perfect bond. As a world-leading expert in canine psychology, and often acknowledged as the ‘trainer’s trainer’, Sarah Whitehead shares her unique understanding of dogs in Clever Dog. With sections on Life, Love, Health and Happiness, this is a book about how we can become a harmonious team with our best friend. Here at last are the secrets your dog wants you to know.With fascinating case studies and expert practical advice, Clever Dog is much more than a guidebook – it is the book your dog would want you to buy.‘If I were a dog, this is the book I would scamper out to purchase.’Daily Mail‘More than just a guide book: it contains fascinating case studies from Sarah Whitehead's busy behavioural advice clinics, with practical advice thrown in.’The Daily Telegraph‘Well worth a read. Full of insight.’Our Dogs‘A clear, humane explanation of what really makes dogs tick, and how their natural affection for people is the only sensible basis on which to build the bond between dog and owner. Packed with useful tips and anecdotes that will engage anyone who loves dogs.’Dr John Bradshaw, author of In Defence of Dogs‘Insightful, captivating and written with terrific verve and wit: this is the one myth-busting book that your dog is dying for you to read. Sarah’s wonderful observations on how to be a stellar doggy companion will also help you with all your relationships – in the canine world and beyond.’Dr Ian Dunbar, veterinarian, animal behaviourist and dog trainerI recommend Clever Dog to any owner who wants to know what's going on in their pet's mind. All the secrets are here and it changes the way you look at your dog's behaviour. Sue Johnston, OBESarah Whitehead, BA (Hons), MSc is a highly qualified and experienced pet behaviour specialist running a busy practice in the south of England. She specialises in resolving behavioural problems in dogs and cats, as well as running a chain of puppy and dog training classes under the banner of the Clever Dog Company® – with 18 branches now running.As well as animal behaviour, Sarah has a special interest in human psychology. She is an NLP Master Practitioner (a branch of cognitive psychology) and has a passion for successful strategies in adult learning.Sarah lives in Berkshire, England, with her husband, Matt, and dogs, Tao and Jackson – both rescue crossbreeds.• Clever Dog distinguishes itself from other books in the pet narrative market by offering a new take on an already very successful genre.• Sarah’s voice leads the readers through the individual stories to inspire, educate and help them with their own pets, making this a good read as well as an inspirational guide.• Sarah runs the Clever Dog Company® chain of puppy and dog training classes, and she is the author of more than twenty behavioural training books, booklets and videos/DVDs.• TV appearances include C4 Pet Rescue, two series of BBC Barking Mad, ITV Give a Pet A Home, C4 Open House with Gloria Huniford and Richard and Judy. Sarah is a favourite guest on numerous radio programmes including BBC Radio 4. Sarah blogs regularly and has a Facebook page.
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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