Coperta “Em & Me”

Em & Me

Narator: Pearl Mackie

Durata: 10h 1m

A mother. A daughter. A secret waiting to be discovered. ‘Glorious!’ CLARE POOLEY ‘Compelling’ SUNDAY EXPRESS ‘Beautiful, uplifting and deeply moving’ FREYA SAMPSON From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Saving Missy For too long – since the sudden death of her mother as a teenager, since the birth of her daughter, Em, when she was just seventeen – Delphine has been unable to let go of the past, obsessed with protecting Em and clinging to a secret that could ruin everything. She’s been living life in safe shades of grey. The day that Delphine finally stands up for herself is the day that changes everything. Delphine begins to remember what it’s like to want more: rediscovering her singing voice, opening herself to friendship, and reviving not only her mother’s roots, but her mother’s memories. As her life begins to fill with colour, can she be brave for herself and for Em? And what would happen if she finally told the truth? A big-hearted, hopeful novel about finding second chances – and taking them. ‘Glorious! An uplifting celebration of mothers, daughters and female friendship – it left me feeling better about the world. I loved it, such a joy’ Clare Pooley, The Authenticity Project ‘A beautiful, uplifting and deeply moving story of found family and second chance’ Freya Sampson, The Last Library ‘An uplifting story of second chances and the hope of human connection … full of warmth and wit’ The i paper ‘Compelling … a touching and uplifting read – a tonic for troubled times’ Sunday Express ‘Emotional and heartwarming… If you loved Saving Missy, you will adore’ Belfast Telegraph ‘Uplifting and full of hope, this brilliantly written second novel from the author of Saving Missy will make your heart soar’ My Weekly ‘A glorious, heart-felt manifesto for the life-changing power of human connection … full of hope, humour and kindness’ Sarah Haywood, The Cactus ‘A brilliant story beautifully told – clever, funny, and pulls all the right emotional strings. This is just what we need right now!’ Matson Taylor, The Miseducation of Evie Epworth ‘This uplifting, thought-provoking story focuses on family ties, bravery and never losing sight of hopeful new beginnings and second chances’ Candis ‘An adorable novel about hope, second chances and the things that shape us … It’s full of wit, warmth and wisdom’ Katy Regan, Little Big Love ‘An absolute gem! Beautiful story of second chances, everyday people and love in all its forms’ Jessica Ryn, The Imperfect Art of Caring ‘A gorgeous, heartfelt story of love, grief and second chances filled with poignant warmth and irresistible characters’ Annie Lyons, Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You ‘A rollicking story with complex, nuanced characters and terrific dry wit’ Marianne Levy, Don’t Forget to Scream From the Sunday Times bestselling author, the most joyful book of 2022! Previously Creative Director at RDF Television, Beth Morrey now writes full time. Her debut novel, Saving Missy, was a Sunday Times bestseller and longlisted for the Authors' Club First Novel Award. Beth lives in London with her husband, two sons and a St Berdoodle named Phoebe. • From the Sunday Times bestselling author of SAVING MISSY • Emotional, uplifting, joyful and life-affirming, EM & ME is a hugely rewarding contemporary read for everyone who loved Saving Missy • Funny and moving, with an added layer of community, friendship and connection, rediscovering ones singing voice, learning to speak French and standing up for yourself when no-one else will • For fans of The Authenticity Project and The Lido – perfect for book clubs Competition: Saving Missy; Authenticity Project; Lido; Way Home; One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot; Away With the Penguins; How to Save a Life. Clare Pooley; Sarah J Harris; Marianne Cronin; Libby Page; Anstey Harris; Beth o’Leary; Eva Carter; Taylor Jenkins Reid
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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