Coperta “Feeling Better”

Feeling Better

Narator: Andrew Richardson

Publicat de: M-Y Books ltd

Data publicarii: 1 ianuarie 2018

Durata: 2h 30m

This breakthrough programme is for those who are burdened by traumatic memories and experiences and are excited to learn that there are self help tools to free themselves, once and for all. Have you not been right since that terrible experience – of panic, bereavement, abuse, bullying, humiliation, disappointment or shock? If so, you need to detraumatise that memory and these audio tools will allow you to that. These trauma memories maybe ever present or periodically present and they cannot seem to be cleared. Trauma Release will give you the tools you need to free yourself from the emotion of these memories – with diagnostic tools and proven trance methods. There are seven audios in the Trauma Release programme: TR1 Preparing (23 mins) TR1 is the essential first step as you learn what is needed and why. Only move on from TR1 when you are ready. And part of this is to know where next to go amongst the rest of the TR audios. TR2 Straightforward (25 min) For most of you TR2 is the next stop especially after listening to TR1 – as this is where to go to test the process, perhaps with a less powerful memory. TR3 Extended (22 mins) TR3 is if you are not sure that there is a particular memory, but rather an extended period of bad memories and experiences which are joined up in some way. TR4 Confused (22 mins) TR4 is for memories where what is real cannot be separated from what might have been. TR5 Depression (25 mins) TR5 focuses on the trauma memories of past depressions. TR6 Future (22 mins) TR6 is designed to clear fearful projections that have the same power as a trauma. TR7 Hidden (6 mins) TR7 explains what next to do if you believe something is still there but you have not been able to identify and clear it. If the Trauma Release audios "work" then you will be aware very quickly that they have – by feeling more relaxed and lighter.Andrew Richardson has been a successful counsellor, author and blogger for over ten years. These Self Help Audio Programmes are based on his one on one therapy - created so that his proven methods can reach out as widely as possible.

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