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Finding Bear

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The unmissable follow-up to the phenomenal bestselling and award-winning The Last Bear. Perfect for readers 8+ The unmissable follow-up to the phenomenal bestselling and award-winning The Last Bear. Perfect for readers 8+ April Wood has returned home from her adventure on Bear Island. But, over a year later, she can’t stop thinking about Bear. When April hears that a polar bear has been shot and injured in Svalbard, she’s convinced it’s her friend and persuades her dad to travel with her to the northernmost reaches of the Arctic. So begins an unforgettable journey across frozen tundra and icy glaciers. But along the way, she discovers much more than she bargained for – a tiny polar bear cub, desperately in need of her help. In freezing temperatures, April must navigate the dangerous Arctic terrain and face her deepest fears if she’s to save him. Finding Bear is a stunning story of survival and a heartwarming tale of love that shows us how hope is born from the smallest of beginnings. ‘The perfect sequel to The Last Bear. Finding Bear melted my heart and had me cheering, crying and of course roaring along with April. She’s a powerhouse main character – one that’ll inspire children for years to come’ A. F. Steadman 'I was with April from the start, feeling her every ache and longing to meet Bear again, and I couldn't put the book down. [A] beautifully told, heartfelt story . . . so hopeful and heartwarming and left me wanting more!' A. M. Dassu 'Revisiting the world of April and Bear feels like coming in from the cold. Magical' Rob Biddulph 'A triumphant return to April and Bear's world, this time with the loveliest baby bear. A roaringly snowy adventure' Nizrana Farook A brilliant, beautiful sequel that resonates with emotional truth. April and Bear's second adventure asks profound questions about our impact on the environment while keeping readers on the edge of their seats. If ever there was a book to spark change, this is it’ Aisling Fowler 'Few books have touched me so deeply as Finding Bear. When you read it, you’ll feel as if the Arctic is running through your veins, too. It’s impossible not to get profoundly invested in the lives of Hannah Gold’s brilliant characters. An unstoppable, heartwarming sequel of extreme importance. I’ll be recommending this book forever' Carlie Sorosiak ‘It was pure joy to follow April back to the Arctic on her heartfelt search for Bear. Reading this story transported me back to my childhood – a cosy fire, hot chocolate and an immensely powerful story’ Jasbinder Bilan ‘Pack your rainbow boots for the most magnificent adventure! An exhilarating story of love, hope and courage and doing the right thing, no matter how impossible it may seem. Hannah Gold reminds us that our actions matter’ Jenny Pearson ‘Finding Bear, the stunning sequel to The Last Bear, is MAGNIFICENT! A beautiful, breathtaking Arctic adventure. Made my heart pound, break and soar!’Rashmi Sirdeshpande An irresistible animal adventure – the unmissable follow-up to the award-winning THE LAST BEAR Hannah Gold worked in the film and magazine industries before taking time out to pursue her dream of writing. She lives in Lincolnshire with her tortoise, her cat and her husband. An irresistible animal adventure – the unmissable follow-up to the award-winning THE LAST BEAR • The unmissable follow-up to the phenomenal Sunday Times bestseller THE LAST BEAR, which won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the Blue Peter Book Award • Hannah Gold’s books have sold over 190,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into 23 languages. Publication will be supported by a year-long media campaign and events Competition: Leila and the Blue Fox;October, October;The Wolf Wilder;The Explorer:The Wild Before;Twitch;Pax. Kiran Millwood Hargrave;Katya Balen;S.F. Said;Katherine Rundell;Piers Torday;Sara Pennypacker; M.G. Leonard
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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