Coperta “Floating In Bliss - Ambient Healing Music”

Floating In Bliss - Ambient Healing Music

Narator: Ian Brannan

Durata: 9h 27m

- Is your mind always racing with an endless stream of thoughts? - Are you constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed? - Do you have trouble falling asleep? Would you like to: •Easily relieve stress and anxiety? •Detach yourself from the stresses of reality and bring back balance within yourself? •Have a space where your mind will be at peace? •Listen to the perfect sounds for deep sleep, meditation, and relaxation? This audiobook is designed to help you recalibrate your senses, expand your ability to be a calmer person, and quickly relieve your mind from stress, depression, and anxiety. Here's what this compilation can do for you: • Happiness has a molecular basis, according to Yale biochemist Philip Applewhite. The good news is that we can increase the levels of these pleasure-creating neurochemicals through frequent conscious use. We know that the deep state of relaxation that you reach during an audio session causes the body to release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which contribute to feelings of happiness. The more frequently you listen, the more often your body is producing your happy hormones. • Re-create the feelings of happiness anywhere, any time. People who use these tracks frequently know that 'sweet spot' – that feeling of flow and deep relaxation, where your body has disappeared into the nothingness, and you melt into pure bliss. Brain research suggests that all experiences are stored away in the brain, and we can instantly recall them with the right signal. This state becomes a clear 'body memory' that becomes easier and easier to access both inside and outside the tank. The tracks in this audiobook are a natural biofeedback machine which allows us to become aware of these states of deep relaxation and remember them clearly. With a little practice, you can recreate this bliss wherever you are. •Removing the effect of gravity from a sore and achy body can do wonders. If you are suffering from chronic pain, recovering from a great work out, or feeling tensed after a hard days work, this audiobook will make your body happy. The anti-gravity environment allows your body to relax without any pressure points, allow easier blood circulation, heightens your body awareness so that you can easily pin point areas where you may be holding tension and more. Visualize the sore parts of your body releasing and healing, and the total experience can be very powerful. When your body is happy, chances are your mood will take a great leap up the happiness scale as well. • Achieve pure relaxation today! Take some much-needed 'ME' time. A 30 minute reset can provide just the reprieve that you need to let the chaos go, gain some clarity on what is really important, and catch up on some much needed rest. Some of our customers report some pretty epic naps during their session, leaving them feeling incredibly recharged and refreshed. WHAT YOU GET: 11 tracks with a total running time of more than 9 hours. This audiobook contains the newest and highest quality sounds guaranteed to soothe your mind, body, and soul. If you are looking for a happiness boost that lasts a few days, scroll up, click on "Buy Now", and start listening!Born in the German city of Osnabrück, Yella A. Deeken is a passionate musician, yoga teacher, and world traveler. She has been a "digital nomad" since 2004, traveling the globe and collaborating with audio experts and neuroscientists to create powerful audio books that move, inspire, and have fundamentally transformed many people's lives.
Publicat de: Lynen Media GmbH

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