Coperta “How to create high profitability”

How to create high profitability

Narator: Richard Kemp

Durata: 6h 25m

“Profitability development” could just as well be the title of this book. It takes a completely new perspective on economics, focusing on how the four foundations of profitability can be utilized to increase the profitability in a company. The primary advantage of the model introduced is its simplicity, making it easy to involve everyone in the company when using it. This is important since the author has a profound conviction, based on decades in management, that the most important factor for creating success is to involve your entire staff. To do so, you need to be able to discuss complicated economic terminology (like leverage, NPV, WACC etc.) in a simple way. The book provides that simplicity and it contains plenty of practical, real life examples of how significantly increased profitability can be achieved with simple measures. This is explained with reference to different industries where the model has been used. In today’s business with global competition, it is high time for a new profession, “profitability developers”, to replace business developers. This book offers all the tools necessary to succeed in that profession.

INGEMAR FREDRIKSSON has 30+ years’ experience in top management, business development, profitability development and marketing. He has worked with plenty of SMEs in different industries and also with Fnatic, IKEA, Invest Sweden, Miss Sweden and the Swedish government. He has also been vice chairman of The Swedish Federation of Business Owners. Since a few years back, he lives and works in the UAE. All four books by Ingemar Fredriksson, in their original Swedish edition, have featured on top lists together with names like Steve Jobs, Daniel Kahneman, Thomas Piketty, Sun Tzu and even the Fifty shades-series. Search on YouTube for “Ingemar Fredriksson’s books – Bestsellers for 15 years!” for a full video of random list positions over the years.

Publicat de: Ingemar Fredriksson

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