Coperta “Let Me Go”

Let Me Go

Narator: Kate Lock

Durata: 8h 19m

Let Me Go is the powerful new memoir from foster carer and Sunday Times bestselling author Casey Watson.Let Me Go is the powerful new memoir from foster carer and Sunday Times bestselling author Casey Watson.Harley, 13, has been sectioned under the mental health act after attempting suicide. She was spotted climbing the railings on a footbridge that crossed a busy motorway and pulled to safety by a member of the public. After six weeks in hospital, social services are looking for a short-term placement so she can be kept safe while family therapy takes place. Harley has a family – a widowed mother and an older sister, Milly, who left home with her long-term boyfriend just over a year ago. There is no prospect of Harley going home just yet though, as her mum, who has learning difficulties and addictions issues, feels she cannot cope. So she arrives with Casey and Mike under a twenty-eight day care order.As Harley tries to hurl herself out of the moving car on the way home, it quickly becomes clear she is in urgent need of help. Three weeks into the placement, after Harley has made various attempts to abscond, it seems like zero progress is being made. Then all of sudden there is an unexpected breakthrough, and light at the end of a long dark tunnel, but only once Harley is finally able to share the truth about the abuse she suffered at the hands of a very dangerous man.Casey Watson, who writes under a pseudonym, is a specialist foster carer. She and her husband, Mike, look after children who are particularly troubled or damaged by their past.Before becoming a foster carer Casey was a behaviour manager for her local comprehensive school. It was through working with these ‘difficult’ children – removed from mainstream classes for various reasons – that the idea for her future career was born.Casey is married with two children and three grandchildren.• As a specialist foster carer, Casey looks after children with the most extreme cases and needs. Her series offers a grittier take on the experiences Cathy Glass has written about in her bestselling memoirs.• Casey Watson has her own website where she maintains a strong relationship with her loyal fans and readers. She also has engaged followings on Facebook and Twitter.• Harper Element has published numerous bestselling foster memoirs, including no. 1 bestsellers from Casey Watson, Cathy Glass and Torey Hayden.• Casey Watson’s bestselling titles include The Boy No Oned Loved – 180K, Little Prisoners – 135K, Crying for Help – 120K, Too Hurt To Stay – 75K, The Girl Without A Voice – 63K.• Marketing opportunities include targeting fostering organisations and charities to promote the book on publication.Competition: Girl Alone, The Silent Cry, A Desperate Cry for Help, Crying for Help, The Silent Witness. Cathy Glass, Maggie Hartley, Torey Hayden, Angela Hart
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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