Coperta “Max the Miracle Dog”

Max the Miracle Dog

Narator: Marston York

Durata: 6h 23m

The Sunday Times bestseller ’Are you ready, Max? If anyone’s going to help me do this, it’s you.’The heart-warming tale of a life-saving friendship.The Sunday Times bestseller ’Are you ready, Max? If anyone’s going to help me do this, it’s you.’The heart-warming tale of a life-saving friendship.In 2006, a traumatic car accident changed Kerry Irving’s life forever. Suffering from severe neck and back injuries, Kerry was unemployed and housebound, struggling with depression and even thoughts of suicide. He went from cycling over 600 miles a month to becoming a prisoner in his own home. With hope all but lost, Kerry’s wife encouraged him to go on a short walk to the local shop. In the face of unbearable pain and overwhelming panic, he persevered and along the way, met an adorable yard dog named Max. As the Spaniel peered up through the railings, Kerry found comfort and encouragement in his soulful brown eyes. This chance encounter marked a turning point in both their lives. In Max, Kerry found comfort and motivation and in Kerry, Max found someone to care for him. This is their remarkable, inspiring story.Kerry Irving lives and works in Keswick in the English Lake District with his wife Angela. A keen amateur photographer, Kerry has a passion for the outdoors, hill walking, camping and is a great lover of animals and the environment. After a road traffic accident left him with spinal injuries and chronic pain, Kerry’s mental well-being suffered dramatically. Little did he know that a young dog called Max would transform his life forever. This is his story.• Kerry runs the popular Facebook group ‘Max Out in the Lake District’ (100k followers) in which he documents his and Max’s activity with beautiful photographs and regular updates on their charity work.• Kerry and his Spaniels Max, Paddy and Harry regularly feature in the media to promote their charity work, raising over £125,000 so far.• Kerry and Max have posed on several occasions with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, garnering coverage across the media. Max was the first therapy dog to visit Buckingham Palace.• On announcement, the book reached #33 in the Amazon charts.• Felix the Railway Cat (15k HBs; 50k PBs); Finding Gobi (20k HBs, 48k PBs); Arthur (35k HBs, 52k PBs)Competition: Felix the Railway Cat;Finding Gobi;Fabulous Finn; Arthur;A Streetcat Named Bob;Lucy’s Law;Adventures of a Yorkshire Shepherdess;A Yorkshire Vet;. By James Bowen;Dave Wardell;Lynne Barrett-Lee;Marc Abraham;Kate Moore;Dion Leonard;Amanda Owen;Julian Norton
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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