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Meghan Misunderstood

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Meghan Misunderstood is a pioneering book that sets the record straight on the most talked about, unfairly vilified and misrepresented woman in the world.Meghan Misunderstood is a pioneering book that sets the record straight on the most talked about, unfairly vilified and misrepresented woman in the world.Meghan Markle was eleven when she first advocated for women’s rights; a teenager when she worked in a soup kitchen feeding the homeless; a popular actress when she campaigned for clean water in Africa and passionately championed gender equality in a speech to a United Nations Women’s Conference. Even before she met Prince Harry, hers was an extraordinarily accomplished life.Meghan’s wedding to Harry was a joyful occasion, marking happiness at last for the Queen’s grandson who had captured our hearts twenty years earlier when he bravely walked behind his mother Diana’s coffin. Theirs was a story that the screenwriters of Hollywood – where Meghan had made her name – could scarcely have imagined.The rom-com fantasy, however, soon turned into disturbing drama: any expectation of a life happily-ever-after was cruelly dashed by bullying tabloid newspapers and their allies, both on social media and within the walls of the Palace itself.Meghan was targeted for her gender, her race, her nationality and her profession. The abuse became so bad that seventy-two female MPs signed a letter of solidarity against the ‘often distasteful and misleading press’, calling out the ‘outdated colonial undertones’ of the stories.Now, Sean Smith, the UK’s leading celebrity biographer, pulls no punches as he reveals the remarkable and powerful story of this self-made, intelligent American woman with a strong social conscience who has made such an impact on our lives.The truth about Meghan MarkleSean Smith is the UK's leading celebrity biographer and the author of the number one bestseller Cheryl, as well as Sunday Times bestselling books about Tom Jones, Robbie WIlliams and Kate Middleton. His books about the most famous people of our times have been translated throughout the world. His subjects include Adele, George Michael, Ed Sheeran, Kim Kardashian, the Spice Girls, Gary Barlow, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Aniston. The film Magic Beyond Words: The J. K. Rowling Story was based on his biography of the Harry Potter author. Described by the Independent as a 'fearless chronicler', he specialises in meticulous research, going 'on the road' to find the real person behind the star image.www.seansmithceleb.comThe truth about Meghan Markle- Having written several Sunday Times bestsellers, Sean is the UK’s leading celebrity biographer. His experience in the genre is unparalleled.- There’s currently clearly an appetite for royal books specifically focusing on Meghan and Harry, and this is reflected in the market competition. Omid Scobie’s Finding Freedom and Lady Colin Campbell’s Meghan and Harry: The Real Story are among the upcoming/recent releases in this area.- Meghan Misunderstood is a unique offering: it is the only Meghan-specific biography which puts forth a rigorous defence against Meghan’s unfair treatment.- As much as Meghan is unfairly criticised in the media, she has a huge amount of support and adoration from the general public.- Harry and Meghan’s official account has over 11 million followers and one Meghan fan account on Instagram (@hrhofsussex) has over 400k followers, increasing by 35% over the last year.Competition: Meghan: A Hollywood Princess;Meghan; Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir;Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family;The Other Side of the Coin;Lady in Waiting. By;Andrew Morton;Caroline Jones;Tom Quinn;Omid Scobie;Carolyn Durand;Angela Kelly;Anne Glenconner

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