Coperta “One Ordinary Day at a Time”

One Ordinary Day at a Time

Narator: Aysha Kala

Durata: 12h 37m

Behind every ordinary day, behind every ordinary story, there’s an extraordinary one just waiting to happen…Behind every ordinary day, behind every ordinary story, there’s an extraordinary one just waiting to happen…The uplifting, original new novel from the award-winning author of The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder.TWO PEOPLE Simon Sparks is the man you know from behind the counter at the local Prince Burger (‘hold the gherkin!’), fry shovelling, shelf stacking, hiding away from the world. And Jodie Brook is the single mum you see crossing the street with her son Zak – always chasing a dream she can’t reach. ONE LIFE What if life could be so much more? When Simon and Jodie’s worlds collide, it upends everything they know. But in chaos comes opportunity. And for every person who’s ever doubted them, they find someone who’ll finally believe… ONE ORDINARY DAY AT A TIME From the award-winning author, Sarah J. Harris, comes a warm, uplifting story about ordinary people, extraordinary tomorrows, and all the ways that life can surprise us…‘A wonderful story about wanting more and daring to believe it’s possible … Gorgeously written, utterly moving, a JOY!’ Miranda Dickinson‘A gorgeously quirky, charming and inspiring read’ Beth Morrey‘A compelling and uplifting tale of unlikely friendships and the importance of following your dreams. A call to kindness for us all’ Lucy Clarke‘Endearing, funny and emotional … a gorgeous read’ Woman’s Own‘I adored this quirky, uplifting novel. This is a novel about the power of friendship, about overcoming adversity, and about how things, more often than not, work out okay in the end. The perfect novel we all need right now!’ Robin Morgan-Bentley‘The best book I've read in ages. If you like Jessica Ryn or Gail Honeyman, you'll ADORE this. I cried twice, but walked away with my heart so very full. Can't recommend enough’ Anstey Harris‘Another quirky, clever and original novel’ Cari Rosen‘An uplifting paean to modern friendship where there is nothing 'ordinary' about this story. Beautifully real, flawed characters make for a wonderfully engaging narrative. I loved it’ CJ Skuse‘An absorbing and uplifting story about hope, the power of human connection, and daring to dream big. Told with wit and warmth, this book will capture your heart’ Holly MillerThe most heartwarming book you’ll read this yearSarah J. Harris is an author and freelance education journalist who regularly writes for national newspapers. Her debut novel, The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder was a Richard & Judy Book Club pick and winner of the 2018 Books Are My Bag Breakthrough Author Award. Her most recent novel, One Ordinary Day at a Time, published in summer 2021. She lives in London with her husband and two young children.The most heartwarming book you’ll read this yearAbout a Boy meets A Starter for Ten, this is warm and uplifting reading group fiction at its bestJust as readers fell for Don Tillman in The Rosie Project, readers will be rooting for Simon Sparks on a journey that takes him beyond his safe world of facts and figures into something unexpected: friendship.Sarah J. Harris’ adult debut, The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder, was an R&J book club pick and was published to huge acclaimCompetition: The;Midnight Library;Authenticity Project;Ghosts;Saving Missy;Road Trip;Giver of Stars;About a Boy;Starter for Ten;Us;Sweet sorrow. David Nicholls;Libby Page;Beth O’Leary;Clare Pooley;Jojo Moyes;Richard Osman;Mike Gayle;Hazel Prior;Matt Haig;Beth Morrey
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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