Coperta “Self-Confidence”


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An essential read for anyone who has encountered a crisis of confidence. An essential read for anyone who has encountered a crisis of confidence. Where does self-confidence come from? How does it work? Why are some people more confident than others? On the surface, these seem like simple questions – but answers can feel hard to come by when we need them most.In this bestselling book, Charles Pépin brings to light the strange alchemy that is self-confidence. Pépin examines the role confidence plays in the lives of our most respected public figures including the likes of Madonna, Mozart, Frieda Kahlo, Martin Luther King and Serena Williams, and argues that above all, to live a life of confidence is to live a life of action.Drawing on the collective wisdom of philosophers, psychologists and the lives of people we encounter on a daily basis, Pépin invites us to probe the mystery and mastery of self-confidence.‘Intriguing, profound and in-depth, Charles Pépin explores every aspect of self-confidence, a central question in our lives that is more mysterious than we like to admit’ ELLE (France)‘A bedside book for all of us here at Inter. A book full of wisdom and joy … ‘A great literary success’ France Inter‘A worthwhile and intelligent work’ Le Figaro‘You’ll come out of it more knowledgeable, humbler, and especially more intelligent. A must read!’ Ernest Mag‘An inspiring reflection. A philosophy of action’ L’Express‘Simple, well-learned, human, modern, empathetic … ‘A compassionate response to a modern question’ Europe 1‘Charles Pépin explores the reserves of confidence we have within us and shows us all that it is within our grasp’ Psychologies Magazine‘A philosopher has published Self-Confidence, cracking the code to wells of inner security. The key? Daring to meet the world, accepting that the unexpected awaits: a life lesson’ Madame FigaroCharles Pépin is a writer and a philosopher, whose books have been published throughout the world. He teaches philosophy at Lycée d’Etat de la légion d’honneur in Saint-Denis near Paris.• ACCESSIBLE PHILOSOPHY FOR THE AGE OF ANXIETY: Social media is having a huge impact on our mental well-being, and the question of self-confidence is profoundly wedded to this trend. Self-Confidence will resonate with those who enjoyed Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton (TCM: 60K), 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson (TCM: 182k) and Philosophy for Life by Jules Evans (TCM: 13k).• A WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH FOR THE FIRST TIME: Self-Confidence is a bestselling title in France and has sold 100k copies internationally. Pépin’s previous book The Virtues of Failure sold over 65,000 copies and was published in 14 countries.• EXPANDED AND REVISED FOR THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING MARKET: New material has been added to this this translated edition, including a more diverse range of public figures such as Serena Williams and James Baldwin.Competition: the subtle art of not giving a f*ck;The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k;Social Anxiety;12 Rules for Life;Get Your Sh*t Together;The Anxiety Solution;Reasons to stay alive;the chimp paradox. Mark Manson;Sarah Knight;Alain de Botton;Jordan Peterson, Chloe Brotheridge;Matt Haig;Prof Steve Peters
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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