Coperta “The Boy with the Suitcase”

The Boy with the Suitcase

Durata: 9h 14m

Torn apart by war – a promise will hold them together… Torn apart by war – a promise will hold them together… As the shadows of the Blitz hang over London, young Davey finds himself the man of the house when his father leaves to fight in the war. Trying his best to support his mum and to protect his sister, Davey’s good intentions find him mixed up with the wrong crowd. To keep him safe, and out of trouble, Davey is sent away from everything he has ever known, to a new life far away in Canada. He has always craved adventure and a place to fit in, though it could mean losing his family forever. Starting on his new journey will take all of Davey’s courage, but he also made a promise to see his precious little sister again, and he’ll need to be fearless if he is to keep it … Reader’s love Cathy Sharp‘Had me gripped’ 5* Amazon reviewer‘Absolutely brilliant’ 5* Goodreads reviewer Reader’s love Cathy Sharp ‘Loved this book … had me gripped waiting for the next page’ 5* Amazon reviewer ‘Another brilliant book’ 5* Amazon reviewer ‘A must read’ 5* Amazon reviewer ‘I could not put it down’ 5* Amazon reviewer ‘Keeps you captivated start to finish.’ 5* Goodreads reviewer ‘Absolutely brilliant’ 5* Goodreads reviewer A historical wartime saga for 2022 from bestselling author, Cathy Sharp Cathy loves writing because it gives pleasure to others. She finds writing an extension of herself and it gives her great satisfaction. Cathy says, ‘There is nothing like seeing your book in print, because so much loving care has been given to bringing that book into being.’ Cathy lives Cambridgeshire. A historical wartime saga for 2022 from bestselling author, Cathy Sharp The Boy with the Suitcase has a more international appeal due to Canadian setting; for fans of the highly successful emotional books of Glynis Peters. Gritty and emotional drama for fans of Molly Green, Mary Wood and Emma Hornby. Core readers will be 50+ who read magazines such as Woman, Woman’s Weekly, Bella and Take a Break. Likely to be watching Call the Midwife TV series as well as Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, Who Do You Think You Are? Readers of The Daily Mail and The Mirror. Cathy Sharp writes two books per year and her absorbing Sagas featuring plucky orphans have won her legions of fans. The Button Street Orphans is Cathy’s latest series set in the 1930s during a time of hardship for the country. Competition: An Orphans’ War;A Sister’s Sorrow;Child on the Doorstep;An Orphan’s Courage;The Forgotten Daughter;The Orphans of Ardwick. Kitty Neale;Molly Green;Anne Bennett;Katie Flynn;Rosie Clarke;Maggie Hope;Sheila Jeffries;Mary Wood;Emma Hornby

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