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The Founder's Survival Guide

Durata: 4h 15m

Start-up leadership will only get you so far. The founder path is isolating, stressful and overwhelming, and few founders survive the scale-up journey unscathed. If you don't scale your leadership as you scale your company, you're unlikely to survive. Rachel Turner has spent over twenty years helping founders of growing businesses to survive and thrive, so they can lead successful and healthy businesses.  The Founder's Survival Guide shows you how to do the same. It shows you how to adapt your leadership style and shift from brave warrior, to considered architect, to wise monarch as your business grows. It addresses some of the most common challenges scale-up founders face, and provides an extensive toolbox to help you manage your team, your energy and your mind. Listen to this audiobook to:   Understand what your business, people and stakeholders require of you at different stages of growth, and adapt your leadership style accordingly Master the skills of communicating to influence and communicating to manage, and know when to use which Stay energetically fit for the marathon, not the sprint Avoid the self-sabotaging ego defences that can hold back even the most inspiring founder Scale your leadership as you scale your business – from start-up to scale-up to grown-up Rachel is a 'founder whisperer' with over twenty years' experience as a transformative leadership advisor to start-up and scale-up businesses. She works with founders of VC-backed businesses, from blitzscaling tech companies to global consumer brands and professional services organisations. Find out more at
Publicat de: Rethink Press

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