Coperta “The Gatekeeper”

The Gatekeeper

Narator: Sophie Aldred

Durata: 11h 18m

‘A brilliant vivid and intimate new memoir’ The Daily Mail ’For over a decade Kate Fall was the most influential woman in British politics.’ Alice Thomson, The Times ‘A brilliant vivid and intimate new memoir’ The Daily Mail ’For over a decade Kate Fall was the most influential woman in British politics.’ Alice Thomson, The Times For eleven years Kate Fall was one of David Cameron’s closest advisors. During some of the most significant political events of our times – the Arab Spring, the financial crash and a European referendum that has changed the face of British politics forever – she sat right outside the door of the Prime Minister’s office, earning herself the title of ‘gatekeeper’. Fall takes us through the Cameron project, from its inception to coalition, reshuffles, political scandals, two general elections and three referendums. She speaks frankly and honestly about the Conservatives’ key players, their project to modernise the party, how the coalition worked (and how it didn’t). Shedding light on the world behind the public façade of politics, she reveals what it is like to be a woman at the heart of power: the blood, sweat and toil, the victories and regrets, the friendships and fall outs, the chaos and camaraderie. Politics tests any relationship with its conflicting priorities of loyalty, belief, and personal ambition. The Gatekeeper is a very personal portrait of life behind the scenes at the centre of power. ‘Eloquent and full of human detail, this is a dramatic eyewitness account […] Fall’s book is worth reading for many reasons, but perhaps most of all as an exploration of this strange, fascinating deployment of friendship as political strategy: how it works, and how it fails.’ New Statesman ‘A brilliant vivid and intimate new memoir’ The Daily Mail ‘Fluent, wise and entertaining … The best books on government are often written by those who can watch as well as do … Fall’s compelling memoir of Cameronism falls into the category.’ Evening Standard ‘Entertaining … Fall’s narrative is fast-paced and anecdote-rich … the characters she paints quite beautifully’ The Times ‘The book comes alive when Fall delivers the details and anecdotes.’ The Sunday Times ‘Pacy, personal … Enjoyable and fast-paced’ Financial Times ‘what everyone will be talking about…’ CG Magazine ‘[A] colourful inside scoop … you don’t have to be a political whizz to enjoy it … it feels like a thriller building up to a seismic moment you know is unavoidable.’ Grazia ‘For over a decade Kate Fall was the most influential woman in British politics.’ Alice Thomson, Columnist, The Times ‘Kate Fall was not just the gatekeeper; she was at the heart of the Number Ten operation.’ Camilla Cavendish, The Times, Former Head of the No 10 Policy Unit Kate Fall was Deputy Chief of Staff to David Cameron for six years while he was the British Prime Minister and for five years when he was Leader of the Opposition. She is a senior advisor at Brunswick Group and founding director of their geopolitical offer. She is a member of the House of Lords where she sits on the International Relations and Defence Select committee. She is a Trustee of the bipartisan initiative, Atlantic Partnership, to foster the transatlantic relationship, on the advisory board of ‘Onward’ a new centre-right think tank, and a founding Ambassador of AGL communications. She lives in London with her two children. • Kate Fall was Deputy Chief of Staff for David Cameron from 2010-2016. She became known as ‘The Gatekeeper’ thanks to her role managing the flow of people, information and power in Downing Street.• THE SECRET BARRISTER of Downing Street. This is the first book by a senior ‘staffer’ and offers a fascinating insight into the day-to-day reality of a world few of us get to see.• Kate’s has a timely, relevant perspective on what it means to be a woman in one of the most traditionally masculine worlds.• A wonderful ‘upstairs, downstairs’ thread runs through Kate’s stories, as she explains how everything from the desk positioning to the lunchtime run was politically significant.• Kate has a strong network and has already secured endorsements from Sir Anthony Seldon, Niall Ferguson, Alice Thompson and Camilla Cavendish. Competition: Diary of an MP’s wife;A promised land;For the record;The secret political adviser;More than a woman;Becoming;The secret barrister;women don’t owe you pretty;Quite;Wake up. by;David Cameron;Michelle;Barack;Obama;Sasha Swire;Michael Spicer;Florence Given;Claudia Winkleman;Caitlin Moran;Piers Morgan
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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