Coperta “The Making of Poetry”

The Making of Poetry

Narator: Roger Davis

Durata: 12h 14m

SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA BIOGRAPHY AWARD 2019Wordsworth and Coleridge as you’ve never seen them before in this new book by Adam Nicolson, brimming with poetry, art and nature writing. Proof that poetry can change the world.SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA BIOGRAPHY AWARD 2019Wordsworth and Coleridge as you’ve never seen them before in this new book by Adam Nicolson, brimming with poetry, art and nature writing. Proof that poetry can change the world.It is the most famous year in English poetry. Out of it came The Ancient Mariner and ‘Kubla Khan’, as well as Coleridge’s unmatched hymns to friendship and fatherhood, Wordsworth’s revolutionary verses in Lyrical Ballads and the greatness of ‘Tintern Abbey’, his paean to the unity of soul and cosmos, love and understanding. Bestselling and award-winning writer Adam Nicolson tells the story, almost day by day, of the year in the late 1790s that Coleridge, Wordsworth, his sister Dorothy and an ever-shifting cast of friends, dependants and acolytes spent together in the Quantock Hills in Somerset.To a degree never shown before, The Making of Poetry explores the idea that these poems came from this place, and that only by experiencing the physical circumstances of the year, in all weathers and all seasons, at night and at dawn, in sunlit reverie and moonlit walks, can the genesis of the poetry start to be understood.  What emerges is a portrait of these great figures as young people, troubled, ambitious, dreaming of a vision of wholeness, knowing they had greatness in them but still in urgent search of the paths towards it. The poetry they made was not from settled conclusions but from the adventure on which they were all embarked, seeing what they wrote as a way of stripping away all the dead matter, exfoliating consciousness, penetrating its depths. Poetry for them was not an ornament for civilisation but a challenge to it, a means of remaking the world.‘Dazzling … Before I read this book I was something of a Wordsworth-sceptic. But Nicolson is one of the most persuasive advocates of his genius I have read. The Making of Poetry brings the poetry to life, but also the countryside … It has paid off brilliantly. He is helped along by Tom Hammick’s beautiful illustrations.’ The Times‘Brilliant … Adam Nicolson has shown us, in this subtle and masterly book, the cost of the making of poetry’ New Statesman‘The perfect marriage … Poetry and place are perfectly braided together in prose whose biographical mood pays tribute to Richard Holmes and whose topographical fervour evokes Robert Macfarlane.’ Observer‘Adam Nicolson takes us deeper into this extraordinary time and place, and these explosive young minds, than ever before in his captivating book … It is intensely moving and thrilling.’ Evening Standard“Spellbinding … The Making of Poetry is an excitingly new kind of literary book … One of the most imaginative and luminously intelligent books about poetry I have read’ Financial Times‘Sublime … Nicolson’s prose swoops and sings all over the landscape; his poets’ embeddings in nature and interconnections of thought are richly evoked, and his enjoyment of their journey into understanding is utterly infectious.’ Sunday Times‘A fabulous book! Passionate, original, intensely personal, and thrillingly observant … It will have terrific impact. …Completely captivating. It is also truly moving. Above all, he is fascinating on the central relationship between Coleridge and Wordsworth.’ Richard Holmes‘One of the most beautiful books I’ve seen’ Spectator‘I started underlining particularly beautiful passages, but soon realised that I would end up underlining virtually the whole book’ Mail on SundayShortlisted for the Costa Biography Award 2019Adam Nicolson is a prize-winning writer of many books on history, nature and the countryside including The Sea is Not Made of Water, The Making of Poetry, Sea Room, God’s Secretaries, The Gentry and the acclaimed The Mighty Dead. His 2017 book, Seabird’s Cry was picked as Waterstones Book of the Month in Scotland and won the prestigious Wainwright Prize for nature writing and the Jeffries Prize. He is the winner of the Royal Society of Literature’s Ondaatje Prize, the Somerset Maugham Award, the W.H. Heinemann Award and the British Topography Prize. He has written and presented many television series and lives on a farm in Sussex.Shortlisted for the Costa Biography Award 2019• BESTSELLING AUTHOR – Adam Nicolson’s last book, The Seabird’s Cry has sold 38k copies and was Waterstone’s Scottish Book of the Month. Sea Room has sold 90k copies.• PRIZE WINNER – Adam won the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing in 2018. He has also won the Someset Maugham, Ondaatje, Heineman and Jeffries Literary Prizes• EXQUISITE PACKAGE – This is not a conventional literary biography. The book combines Adam’s skills as a nature writer to summon up the moonlight walks and high hilltops that inspired Kubla Khan. The book follows the 16 months Coleridge and Wordsworth lived in Nether Stowey month by month. It is illustrated with incredible wood cuts from Tom Hammick• ALL POWER TO POETRY – April 2020 marks 250th anniversary of Wordsworth’s birth and will be commemorated with a 5 part TV series, a poem a day on BBC R4’s Today Programme and a collection of stamps. Many other promotional opportunities on National Poetry Day.Competition: Wordsworth and Coleridge the Radical Years; Shelley; Monsters; Lost Words; William Wordsworth; Unruly Times. Richard Holmes; David Wright, Sharon Dogar, Robert Macfarlane; Simon Jenkins; Hunter Davies; A S Byatt; Nicholas Roe; Matthew Bevis
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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