Coperta “The Orphans of Halfpenny Street”

The Orphans of Halfpenny Street

Durata: 14h 21m

Call the Midwife meets Dr Barnardo’s in this gritty drama that will appeal to fans of Katie Flynn. St Saviour’s will never turn a homeless child away…Call the Midwife meets Dr Barnardo’s in this gritty drama that will appeal to fans of Katie Flynn. St Saviour’s will never turn a homeless child away…When there is nowhere else to turn, St Saviour’s will give them hope…It’s 1947 and London’s East End is still a bombed-out landscape. Sister Beatrice, who runs the St Saviour’s Children’s Home, knows that life is still a precarious existence for many children and it seems that there is no end to the constant stream of waifs and strays who appear at their door looking for a safe haven.One such arrival is Mary Ellen whose mother is gravely ill. The one silver lining is her best friend, the tearaway Billy Baggins, also a resident of the home, but Billy seems intent on falling foul of Sister Beatrice’s strict regime.New arrival on the staff, Angela, admires Sister Beatrice, but can see that the children need love and kindness as well as a strong hand. When an unwelcome face from Billy’s past arrives on the scene, things are brought to a head. Can the two women work together to keep Billy on the straight and narrow – or is it too late?.Cathy Sharp is happily married and lives with her husband in a small Cambridgeshire village. They like visiting Spain together and enjoy the benefits of sunshine and pleasant walks, while at home they love their garden and visiting the Norfolk seaside.Cathy loves writing because it gives pleasure to others, she finds writing an extension of herself and it gives her great satisfaction. Cathy says, ‘There is nothing like seeing your book in print, because so much loving care has been given to bringing that book into being.’Gritty and emotional drama for fans of Jennifer Worth (Call the Midwife), Donna Douglas (Nightingale Girls), Katie Flynn and Dilly Court.Core readers will be 50+ who read magazines such as Woman, Woman’s Weekly, Bella and Take a Break. Likely to be watching Call the Midwife TV series as well as Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, Who Do You Think You Are? Readers of The Daily Mail and The Mirror.Cathy Sharp will be writing two books per year and this will be the first in an ongoing series featuring the staff and children of St Saviours.Competition: Nurses Of Steeple Street; The Nightingale Girls; Nurses Of Steeple Street. Dilly Court;Kitty Neale; Sheila Jeffries; Katie Flynn; Maggie Hope; Donna Douglas; Margaret Dickinson; Ellie Dean; Nadine Dorries;
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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