Coperta “The Path To Sunshine Cove”

The Path To Sunshine Cove

Durata: 8h 20m

Some hearts take time to healSome hearts take time to healJessica Clayton has made a career out of helping others downsize—because she’s learned the hard way that the less “stuff,” the better, a policy she applies equally to her relationships. But a new client is taking Jess back to Cape Sanctuary, a town she once called home…and her little sister Rachel.While Jess couldn’t wait to leave Cape Sanctuary Rachel put down roots, content for the world—and her sister—to think she has a picture-perfect life. But with the demands of her youngest child’s disability, Rachel’s marriage has started to crack. She needs her sister now more than ever, yet she’s learned from painful experience that Jessica doesn’t do family, and she shouldn’t count on her now.But soon, against her judgment, Jess finds herself becoming attached—to her sister and her family, even to her client’s interfering son, Nate—and it’s time to put everything on the line. Should she continue running from her painful past, or stay put and learn to trust again?The most heartwarming and uplifting new romance about second chances and finding loveNew York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne finds inspiration in the beautiful northern Utah mountains, where she lives with her family. Her books have won numerous honours, including six RITA® Award nominations from Romance Writers of America and Career Achievement and Romance Pioneer Awards from RT Book Reviews. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at raeannethayne.comThe most heartwarming and uplifting new romance about second chances and finding love• RaeAnne Thayne is a New York Times bestselling author• She writes contemporary women’s fiction woven with romance about second chances and dealing with life issues. Perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan’s recent books.Competition: What if?;The Wedding Game;Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow;A Postcard from Italy;Dear Emmie Blue;The Little Swiss Ski Chalet;The Summer Seekers;Virgin River. by;Shari Low;Meghan Quinn;Jessica Redland;Alex Brown;Lia Louis;Julie Caplin’Robyn Carr
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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