Coperta “The Princess and the Prick”

The Princess and the Prick

Durata: 14 min

The Princess and the Prick is a feminist humour and gift book for adults.The Princess and the Prick is a feminist humour and gift book for adults.May I kiss you, he said.She didn't answer. She was asleep.So he kissed her anyway.SLEEPING BEAUTYRevisit childhood classics, but not as you remember them. Familiar fables are turned on their heads as your beloved heroines finally have their say.Think Ladybird for Adults or Enid Blyton spoofs; The Princess and the Prick flips fairy tales, nursery rhymes and children’s books on their head. Retold through a feminist lens as one liners, verses and rhyming couplets, and highlighting the sexism endemic in stories we grew up with, these classic tales will never be the same again…‘I hate this book. It makes me look like a right prick.’Prince Charming‘A real wake-up call.’Sleeping BeautyThis is brilliant. I lost my morning to reading it. Catherine MayerWalburga Appleseed likes her wine rich, her chocolate dark, and her fiction short. She was awarded the 2018 Geneva Literary Prize for Non-Fiction, and the 2016 Winchester Literary Festival Award for Flash Fiction, and has been short- and longlisted for various other competitions. This is her first microfiction anthology.• For adult readers who enjoyed the Ladybird for Adults and Enid Blyton spoof series• Traditional children’s stories turned on their heads for the modern 21st-century feminist reader• Superb b&w illustrations accompany the razor-sharp short poems and one-liners• Ideal for till points and non-tradeCompetition: The;New Erotica for Feminists;Trouble With Women;Fairy Tales for Millennials;How It Works:Wife;Mum;Five;Please stop touching me;this is going to hurt;twas the nightshift before christmas. by;Caitlin Kunkel;Brooke Preston;Jacky Fleming;Bruno Vincent;Ladybird for Grown-Ups;Enid Blyton;Adam Kay
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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