Coperta “The Raising of a Rebel”

The Raising of a Rebel

Durata: 3h 52m

The Raising of a Rebel is a heart-wrenching & heart-warming story of a young man who grew up as a product of the moonshine industry in the mountains of North Georgia. 

His Daddy was a moonshiner, and his Mom helped in the business as well.

They were both alcoholics.

Follow his journey through a tumultuous childhood, high school basketball stardom, the choice that changed it all...and the man it sculpted along the way. 

You'll learn about the one person who shaped his morals, and provided him with "ten years of wisdom for every ten minutes they spent together". 

You'll feel his disappointment, give voice to his rage, and raise your hands to his victories. You'll cringe, clinch your fists, laugh heartily, and shed more than a few tears throughout the pages. 

And there's a good chance you'll find a little bit of yourself in his story.  

Excerpt from the back cover of the book:

"The hole underneath the old brick house was still there, over fifty years later. A small Volkswagen could almost fit inside. He choked back the tears as he remembered the feel of that tiny metal shovel in his hand. He had scooped thousands of shovelfuls of dirt into his Radio Flyer wagon and hauled each load out by dragging it up wooden planks. If he could just make the hole big enough to hold a still, he might be able to sell enough liquor to hang onto the house until his Daddy got out of prison. He was just fourteen years old. As the hole got larger, he realized the enormity of his circumstances. Even if he could make the hole big enough, who would make the liquor? Who would help him sell it? Who could he trust? After weeks of digging in dark and despair, he laid down the small shovel and walked out. This moment would shape him, foretelling a series of turning points, balancing reverence and rebellion. The journey of rebel had just begun."

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