Coperta “The Ruthless Fae King”

The Ruthless Fae King

Narator: Vanessa Moyen

Durata: 6h 30m

Book 3 in the Kings of Avalier series: a full-length fantasy romance that also stands alone… Book 3 in the Kings of Avalier series: a full-length fantasy romance that also stands alone… Lucien Thorne is the most vile monster in all of Thorngate. As Winter King, he rules our land with an iron fist and a cold, dead heart. And my father has just informed me that I am betrothed to marry him…. As the Princess of Fall, it is my duty to marry whatever suitor my father chooses for me, but even duty can’t make me spend the rest of my life with someone like Lucien. However the more time I spend with this mysterious man, the more I wonder if the rumours about him are even true. As I get to know the real Lucien, I start to discover the secrets and dark history of his family. A history that explains his ruthless behaviour… And one I plan to expunge if I am ever to live out my life in the Winter Palace in peace. As much as I want to hate Lucien Thorne and everything he’s done to our realm… I cannot deny my heart. The Ruthless Fae King is book THREE of FOUR in the Kings of Avalier series. It's a full-length enemies-to-lovers standalone fantasy romance about the Winter King Lucien Thorne. The TikTok fantasy romance sensation for 2023 Leia Stone is the USA Today bestselling author of multiple series. She's sold over three million books and her Fallen Academy series has been optioned for film; her novels have been translated into five languages and she even dabbles in script writing. She lives in Spokane, Washington with her husband and two children. The TikTok fantasy romance sensation for 2023 · Book 3 in a romantasy series of four loosely interconnected titles featuring a different sexy mythical hero and the woman he marries. Each book can also be read as a standalone. · Fast-paced, accessible and great fun to read, full of intense character chemistry but nothing too explicit, perfect for an audience of girls aged 12+ and fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Scarlett St. Clair · Books 1 and 2 were originally self-published by the author to incredible success, gaining over 39k digital sales across the UK and Commonwealth since September 2022. · Ready-made engaged fanbase and smart, savvy author: TikTok stats are building with #kingsofavalier 8.5k views; #thekingsofavalier 4.5k views; #leiastone 333.7k views; author has 12.2k followers on Instagram and 7k followers on TikTok. Huge potential to blow up on TikTok. · Huge budget-busting potential for Fairyloot, Illumicrate and similar subscription boxes Competition: Shadow and Bone;Six of Crows;The Cruel Prince;Book of Night;Once Upon a Broken Heart;From Blood and Ash;A Touch of Darkness;Rhapsodic;Bewitched;Chain Thorns. Sarah J. Maas;Jennifer L. Armentrout;Scarlett St. Clair;Laura Thalassa;Holly Black;V.E. Schwab;Leigh Bardugo;Stephanie Garber;Cassandra Clare;
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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