Coperta “The Silver Serpent”

The Silver Serpent

Durata: 10h 13m

AVAILABLE NOW: the 25th Ben Hope thriller, from the Number One bestseller.AVAILABLE NOW: the 25th Ben Hope thriller, from the Number One bestseller.Some legends lie buried for a reason…To fight extraordinary odds, you need an extraordinary man.Under the fierce heat of the Australian outback, the laws of nature serve a rough justice. When a man vanishes deep in the Northern Territory, local police write it off. But his family suspect otherwise – and when the call for help goes out, Ben Hope and Jeff Decker are there to hear it.Ben’s instincts, honed by years of Special Forces missions, soon see the story told by a trail of bullet casings, rumours of a missing map and a lethal cocktail of greed, power and money.This savagely beautiful land holds a secret it won’t give up easily – and for Ben, discovering the truth will mean not only going up against a small army of hired guns and their twisted paymaster, but also surviving a place where the wilderness is as powerful as the weapons his enemies have trained on him.Praise for Scott Mariani:‘Compelling from the first page until the last, Mariani and his fabulous protagonist Ben Hope entertain in a gripping tale that will have you turning the pages well into the night’ Mark Dawson‘Thrilling. Scott Mariani is at the top of his game’ Andy McDermott‘A high level of realism … the action scenes come thick and fast. Like the father of the modern thriller, Frederick Forsyth, Mariani has a knack for embedding his plots in the fears and preoccupations of their time’ Shots Magazine‘James Bond meets Jason Bourne meets The Da Vinci Code’ J. L. Carrell‘Fans of Dan Brown will love this thrilling adventure’ Closer'Non-stop action – this book delivers’ Steve Berry‘If you’ve got a pulse, you’ll love Scott Mariani; if you haven’t, then maybe you crossed Ben Hope’ Simon Toyne‘Full of authentic detail and heart-stopping action – a real thrill ride’ Ed Macy‘Establishes Scott Mariani as an author to watch’ M. J. Rose‘Packed with dark intrigue, danger around every corner, bullets flying, sexual tension, and an endless assault of nasty villains . . . everything a thriller should be and more’ Joe Moore‘Scott Mariani is an awesome writer’ Chris KuzneskiThe unmissable Ben Hope thriller from the Sunday Times best selling authorScott Mariani is the author of the worldwide-acclaimed action / adventure series featuring maverick ex-SAS hero Ben Hope. Scott’s books have topped the bestseller charts in the UK and beyond.Scott was born in Scotland, studied in Oxford and now lives and writes in rural west Wales.The unmissable Ben Hope thriller from the Sunday Times best selling author• Scott Mariani’s Ben Hope books form a globally-bestselling series, and this is the 25th book• Scott Mariani is a Sunday Times bestseller, and his books have sold over 800,000 copies TCM• Sales have reached over 1.8 million copies in the UK alone• The Ben Hope series has been translated into more than twenty languages• The UK’s leading homegrown historical-conspiracy writer – perfect for fans of Mark Dawson, Dan Brown and Lee ChildCompetition: Fight to Survive;Hard Hit;Tempest;Angry Sea;Shadow;The Vatican Secret;Ben Hope;The Crusader’s Cross;The Demon Code. By;Mark Dawson;Dan Brown;Lee Child;Andy McNab;James Deegan;Swallow;Wilbur Smith;Clive Cussler;Alan McDermott;Mike Maden;Stephen Leather;David Leadbeater

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