Coperta “To Hunt a Killer”

To Hunt a Killer

Narator: Lucy Scott

Durata: 9h 36m

The gripping true story of how Detective Superintendent Julie Mackay brought Melanie Road’s murderer to justice.The gripping true story of how Detective Superintendent Julie Mackay brought Melanie Road’s murderer to justice.BATH, 1984Jean Road, a 49-year-old mother of three, awakens to news that her daughter Melanie has been murdered in a nearby street as she walked home from a club in the early hours.Britain’s biggest manhunt begins. A trail of blood is found leading away from the scene. It’s a rare blood type. But despite a year-long inquiry and 94 arrests, the case is wound down. No one is charged with Melanie’s murder.AVON & SOMERSET POLICE HQ, 2009Detective Sergeant Julie Mackay, a 41-year-old single mother of three who has been overlooked for promotion for years, transfers to the Cold Case Unit. She unearths a file from the original inquiry and becomes hooked by the details: the rare blood type, Bath on a summer’s night, the investigative wrong turns … She takes on the case, and with the help of Melanie’s inspirational mother works tirelessly to rebuild it.This is the true story of how she did it.Julie Mackay spent over three decades in policing, rising to Detective Superintendent overseeing three murder teams. She received commendations for bravery, working undercover and leadership, and an international award for her DNA work in the Melanie Road case. Along with working to prevent homicides, Julie offers her expertise to crime documentaries. As well as her three children, Julie loves her horses and adventurous travel.Robert Murphy is an ITV News correspondent who has spent more than 20 years covering Britain’s biggest crime stories. Rob wrote, presented and produced ITV News’ first two true crime podcasts, No Strings Attached and Catching Melanie’s Killer. His documentary credits include presenting and directing A Confession: As Told by ITV News. He won the regional Royal Television Society Reporter of the Year award as well as several ITV News Group awards. A keen freshwater swimmer, Rob lives in Bristol with his wife and two sons.(1x8pp plates)· Julie and Rob’s ITV Podcast about the case – Catching Melanie’s Killer – is one of this year's most popular podcasts – making #6 in the Apple Podcast charts and #3 in the True Crime charts.  It has been downloaded over 300k times so far and the reviews have been excellent.· Catching Melanie’s Killer appeals to the readers of books like The Pembrokeshire Murders, Catching a Serial Killer by Stephen Fulcher (25.5k), Murders at White House Farm (17k), Manhunt by Colin Sutton (14k)· One of Julie’s other cases – the murder of Becky Watts – is one of HC’s most successful ebooks selling over 60,000 copies.· The anniversary of the Melanie’s death is on 8th June.· Julie has had a number of approaches for TV and film.Competition: The Pembrokshire Murders;Catching a Serial Killer;Murders at the Whitehouse Farm;Manhunt;Beyond Evil;Love as Always, Mum xxx;My Sister Milly;Dark Side of the Mind;Remembered Forever. By;Stephen Fulcher;Colin Sutton;Nathan Yates;Mae West;Carol Ann Lee;Gemma Dowler;Kerry Daynes;Luke & Ryan Hart
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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