Coperta “Without Mercy”

Without Mercy

Narator: Kerry Shale

Durata: 3h 0m

From the master of suspense, a fierce thriller of terrorism, murder and revenge.From the master of suspense, a fierce thriller of terrorism, murder and revenge.In Higgins’ acclaimed bestseller DARK JUSTICE, intelligence operative Sean Dillon and his colleagues in Britain and the United States beat back a terrible enemy, but at an equally terrible cost. One of them was shot, another run down in the street. Both were expected to survive – but only one of them does.As Detective Superintendent Hannah Bernstein of Special Branch lies recuperating in the hospital, a dark shadow from their past, scarred deep by hatred, steals across the room and finishes the job.Consumed by grief and rage, Dillon, Blake, Ferguson and all who loved Hannah swear vengeance, no matter where it takes them. But they have no idea of the searing journey upon which they are about to embark – nor of the war which will change them all.Jack Higgins lived in Belfast till the age of twelve. Leaving school at fifteen, he spent three years with the Royal Horse Guards, and was later a teacher and university lecturer. His thirty-sixth novel, The Eagle Has Landed (1975), turned him into an international bestselling author, and his novels have since sold over 250 million copies and been translated into sixty languages. Many have been made into successful films. He died in 2022, at his home in Jersey, surrounded by his family.Requires internet connection for purchase, plus iPod or other Audible-compatible player or iTunes software on Mac OS X or Windows• Jack Higgins is one of the most instantly recognisable names in thriller writing around the world – after more than three decades at the top• Recent novels such as A FINE NIGHT FOR DYING , BAD COMPANY and TOLL FOR THE BRAVE have seen a significant resurgence in his sales. All have been instant bestsellers in both the UK and the USA.• Higgins’ previous novel, DARK JUSTICE sold over 25,000 copies in hard cover, and spent over a month in the bestseller lists.• Dark Justice was also a New York Times bestseller
Publicat de: HarperCollins Publishers

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