Coperta “A Practical Guide to Mushroom Photography”

A Practical Guide to Mushroom Photography

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The book covers different techniques and ideas of mushroom photography especially for the beginners (altogether 46 pages + 43 pictures). Mushrooms can be photographed using virtually any device, ranging from smartphones to an SLR with macro lens. The end result will vary and it is up to you to decide whether your goal is simple documentation or a search for artistic shots. Most of the mushrooms found in photographs are common species. The most presentable ones have a thin gill which picturesquely filters sunshine, as well as bright colors. It may seem room for maneuver is small, as anyone who knows the basics of photography could take a good, "correct" photo of a mushroom. However, not everyone will be able to find an interesting background and capture the unusual ambience of the surroundings.

In a book you will find pictures made especially with a use of M42 lenses, so that the background is as well important and interesting as a main object.  Pictures in a book were taken using as well as standard macro and portrait lenses as many M42 old manual lenses like Mir 37 f2.8, Pentacon 50 f2.8, Rikenon 55 f1.4, Fujinon 55 f2.2, Trioplan 50 f 2.9, Diaplan 80 f2.8, Primagon 35 f4.5 and Tamron 135 f2.8.

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