Coperta “Life a second chance!”

Life a second chance!

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About the book:
Acharya Someshwarnath Shastri is an well known scholar in the field of oriental traditions. He has travelled far off countries to find and rediscover destroyed hindu sastras and lost knowledge. He has written several books on traditional knowledge, Yoga, tantra etc. in different languages that are widely available. His book মন্ত্র তন্ত্র বিজ্ঞান (আধ্যাত্মিক ও জাগতিক সুখ লাভের গুপ্ত বিদ্যা) (Mantra Tantra Science (The Secret of Spiritual and Worldly Happiness) is a celebrated work in this field. This book is for the worshippers of lord shiva, combining several rare and powerful mantras and prayers or stotras which if practiced accordingly will certainly bring the divine blessing of Mahadev, written in English for universal human beings. Om namah sivay.

About the Author:
Nikita kailas Gore. A medical student from Aurangabad has written this book due to passion for writing and Curiosity to explore this thoughts of life to world wide. My Parents including My mummy and Papa are the main supporters and my loving brother a main encourages me to write a new things as I had already published my book A Ray Of hope. I am studying in second year BHMS .that is my passion as well as my upcoming profession. I have a curiosity to live this happy life and going deep to it.
Thank you!

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